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Title: a tithe to the seven in perfect thirds
Author/Artist: [ profile] themostepotente
Pairings/Characters: Cersei/Rhaegar (unrequited), Cersei/Jaime, Cersei/Robert, Cersei/Eddard (imagined), Cersei/Lancel
Rating: NC-17
Words: 3,200 words
Warnings: Incest, language, violence
Prompt: • live and learn / or die and teach by example –– Cersei-centric, mentions of Cersei/Rhaegar, Cersei/Robert, Cersei/Jaime etc. I dunno, something about her life and how she sees it and things of that sort.
A/N: Originally written for the [ profile] got_exchange. Enormous thanks to [ profile] xylodemon for being the rockstar that she is.

.a tithe to the seven in perfect thirds. )
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Hullo, LJ <3

The fic that I wrote for the [ profile] got_exchange was posted today. It's Cersei-centric, and surprisingly enough, my first written foray into this fandom.

a tithe to the seven in perfect thirds [nc-17, 3,200 words]

The fest is not an anonymous one, but the fics are flocked. Access to the community is quick and simple, but I'll be reposting once the fest is over in a few days.

Also, my gift was posted, too!

a worthy son [pg-13, 3,850 words]

It's a lovely Jon Connington and ?? genfic, but I hesitate to mention the other character involved, because it contains a MAJOR ADWD spoiler. Venture over with caution, but do venture if you're current with Martin's books <3



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