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I think I'm back. Found this funny and wanted to share, though. Art recs coming up.

Yeah, I can totally see this.

You're Morgause!
You're Morgause!
Take What character from "Merlin" are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
Family and friends are very important to you and you are fiercely loyal. So much so that you can sometimes be blind to their faults.

You don't suffer fools gladly and can be a bit abrupt with people who annoy you. Sometimes people can find you a little bit intimidating.

Ambitious and intelligent, you have the ability to go far in life.

You have an excellent sense of humour, which tends to be quite dark/sarcastic.

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[Harry Potter]

Cursed Assassins [WS] by Ninjatic on Deviant Art.

Okay, so this isn't technically a Harry/Draco piece. It's not even HP oriented. But dammit, I look at this and see nothing but Harry and Draco. Alaana, dear, I totally thought of you <3

Wrapped Around Me - Harry/Ron [NWS] by [ profile] lizardspots.

R.A.B. - Regulus [WS] by Ilxwing on Deviant Art.

You'll Never Be Alone - Trio [WS] by Viria13 on Deviant Art.

Snape/Draco [NWS] by [ profile] ships_harry.

Consolation - Snape/Draco [WS] by TheYoungDoyler on Deviant Art.

[BBC Sherlock]

Sherlock [WS] by [ profile] venturous1.

Sherlock [WS] by Alicexz on Deviant Art.

John [WS] by Alicexz on Deviant Art.


God's Holy Tax Accountant - Castiel [G] by [ profile] quickreaver.

Wake Up Next to You - Sam/Dean [PG-13] by [ profile] maichan808.


Lensherrbot - Erik [WS] by [ profile] shizuke.

Enjoy all!

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Walk Away Victorious - Arthur/Merlin [WS] by [ profile] novemberlite.

I need this in my eyeballs always. *draws fluffy hearts all around this pic and everywhere else*

Guys, even if Merlin fandom isn't your thing, this will snatch your breath away.

Enjoy all!

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So, how failycakes is TMP? I forgot to make fucking tags on my first recs entry. *facepalms* That has now been remedied.

I do have a few fic recs coming, too. One of them is partially typed up. I do apologise for my laziness. Seriously, folks, if you are looking for articulate fic recs, I defer you to [ profile] snegurochka_lee. She who is the polar opposite of me and follows through every Sunday ♥

But, onward and upward!

Don't You Dare Pity Me [WS] by [ profile] dreary5.

How are H/D artists so effin' amazecakes? I saw this last night and gasped with my hand covering my mouth. Like a huge fangirly dork, I might add. I then flailed for about ten minutes before leaving a capslocky comment.

I love fanart. I love looking at it. I love reccing it. I love fanartists. They make me ever so happy. There is so much talent here in fandom. In every fandom. Thank you lovely people who art for us. Your collective genius makes fandom a better place ♥

And now for the steampunky goodness! Years ago, I'm embarrassed to report, I commissioned Draykonis to do a scene from one of my fics. Transferring files from one computer to the next, I discovered it in an oddly named folder and nearly cried. OMG YOU GUYS, I STUPIDLY MISPLACED DRAYKONIS ART!!! THERE IS NOT A PUNISHMENT ON EARTH SUITABLE FOR SUCH A CRIME!!!

A million thanks to [ profile] goss for the resizing. So, without further adieu...

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John/Paul (5 pieces) [WS & NWS] by [ profile] fiona_fu.

Four gorgeous postcards and one naughty piece!


Harry/Draco [WS] by Selene231 on Deviant Art.

Victorian-style H/D never ever gets old. Moar, pls.

Naked Kombat - Harry/Draco [NWS] by [ profile] hallowdraconis.


Coincidentally, the 'K' in Kombat has made me think of Harry and Draco as Sub-Zero and Scorpion. *g*

Peter Pan and Wendy - Harry/Draco [WS] by [ profile] star_sailor13.

Peter Pansexual <333

Such a Rogue - Draco [G] by [ profile] __hibiscus.

Hibi has such a unique style. I love her whorls and curlicues. And her boys are always so pretty :D


Silence Has Advantages - Eames/Arthur [PG-13] by [ profile] yjudaes.

Okay, I can't stop flailing over Eames's Escher tattoos ♥

Plushies - Eames/Arthur [WS] by [ profile] menghiskhan.

*snorfles* I love when people create dolls and make them do silly things!


Study of Morgana [NWS] by [ profile] motetus.

A take on Godward's 'Study Of Campaspe.' Absolutely beautiful!


Pin-up Art - Erik/Charles [WS] by [ profile] loobeeinthesky.

Guys, even if the Marvel-verse is not your cuppa, I urge you to check out Lucy's work. Every fandom she touches turns to gold.


Mansinthe - Marilyn Manson/Absinthe [WS] by [ profile] ziggythewalrus.

Okay, I totally went looking for the unlocked versions of some of her Beatles RPS fanart and stumbled upon this.


And two by the very missed [ profile] eldivinomarques.

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire [WS].

I totally ship them. HARD.

Jareth (from Labyrinth) [WS].

Nnnnnggggghhhhh Bowie. *g*

Enjoy all!

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I should have some recs tomorrow. That LJ outage jossed my reading time considerably. Also, there is a new HP community in the works that I'm super excited about. And yes, I still fucking hate Angry Birds :P

Totally ganked from [ profile] faithwood.


This is fucking lolarious. *g*

And OMFG, I have an important announcement to make. Are you all sitting down?



Is the suspense killing you?





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[Le Fic]

The Heinous Imp - Harry/Scorpius [NC-17 // 3000+ words] by [ profile] chantefable.

I've long surmised that I have a love/hate relationship with the pairing of Harry/Scorpius. Either I love to hate them together, or I hate to love them together. I'm not certain which category this rec falls under, but I do know that I loved this fic. It's a new spin on an old trope, and one I almost never trip over myself running to. But it just works so well here.

Harry and Scorpius work in tandem to try and contain the power that is Love when it breaks free of the Department of Mysteries. First of all, let me just say that I adore the idea that love is so powerful and sentient that it needs to be contained. Almost a weapon of sorts with a nod back to Lily's using love as a means of protection against Voldemort. There's also this belief that love can be both terrible and wonderful, and a force to be reckoned with either way. Harry and Scorpius make the perfect conduits, too, for love's unquestionable power.

I don't think I'll ever be thoroughly convinced of this pairing, but dammit, I can't argue with inviting indulgence and Chante's strong lyricism!


F-E-E-L - Harry/Scorpius [NWS] by [ profile] savagesnakes.

Brain-meltingly hot and gorgeous <3

Enjoy all!



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