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1.) [ profile] reversathon sign-ups have started.

Kickin' it old-school. Reversathon is a multi-pairing HP exchange fest. Sign-ups are hosted on LJ, IJ, and DW.

2.) [ profile] blamebrampton has posted interesting meta on writing character death.

3.) [ profile] oldenuf2nb is posting 100 of her art pieces for the '100 Days of Blogging Challenge.' Lots of beautiful pieces I hadn't seen before! She's on day 19.

4.) SPN ART REC! Pie on the Side - Sam/Castiel [WS] by [ profile] lustmordred.

5.) [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme is live! First prompting post is thirty-one pages long. Wowsers <3

6.) White Collar/Downton Abbey fic rec! The American Guest - Neal Caffrey/Thomas Barrow [NC-17 - 2,000 words] by [ profile] embroiderama.

Many thanks to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for the point in direction ♥

Cora's cousin steals more than just hearts and sharp glances. Nifty and seemless crossover!

7.) HP ART REC! Auror Potter [WS] by Baronsabbath on Deviant Art.

BAMF!Harry kink hit HARD. Smoking kink hit HARDER ♥

8.) COMMUNITY PIMP! [ profile] hp_masterlists, FTW. Looking for a specific fest fic from 2007? Find it here!

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I bought seasons 1-3 of Merlin on DVD for cheapness. I've really been enjoying rewatching the series. I'm midway through season 2. I think I'm enjoying it much more the second go 'round, I have no idea why.

Or maybe I do.

I just signed up for [ profile] paperlegends.

Hold me, I'm frightened.

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Wow. I only posted three times last month. That's an all time low for me. I'm going to endeavour to post more in the upcoming months. Hopefully, some more personal posts, too.

I was really touched by this thread at the [ profile] hp_love_anon community. Thank you so much. Your kindnesses really mean a lot to me ♥

I am typing this to you on a brand new Toshiba laptop. I really treated myself this time. And the best part is that between selling a fucktonne of unused gold, a Best Buy gift card and a Chase Visa rewards voucher, it cost me very little money out of pocket.

I had a fabulous weekend with my ladies [ profile] plane_jane, [ profile] venivincere, [ profile] tracy7307, [ profile] apple_pathways and [ profile] sabriel75. It's so nice to have fandom gatherings with people you adore ♥

I've been inhaling Bones. I'm almost on season four. I've also been enjoying BBC's Whitechapel, although I wish the show took place in the Victorian era. Why won't one of the damn networks create a steampunk drama already?

Writing, writing, writing! I'm cyber balls-deep in a Harry/Draco fic, and I still have that Eagle ficlet to post. After the first of the year, I'm going back to the Merlin fic I started. It's very saucy. *G*

And speaking of Merlin. Is this not like the best season ever? Colin Morgan continues to amaze me.

Going to see if I can get out an art recs post today. At the very least started. I have some fifty pieces bookmarked, and I need to chip away at the list!

Hope everyone's having a wonderful Tuesday <3<3<3

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|| Harry/Draco ||

Missing [PG-13] by Mystery Artist.

I've overused just about every word in the English language to describe this artist's work. And here I go again.


Boys of my heart 4-ever ♥

Dance of the Dead [WS] by [ profile] dreary5.

Oh, this reminds me of my time in Nogales, Mexico for Día de los Muertos! It's such an exciting time to be in Mexico. The history and cultural aspects are utterly fascinating.

I love when art speaks to me, and this piece has been a fab conversationalist :)))

Festive boys of my heart ♥

|| Draco ||

Vampire!Malfoy [WS] by [ profile] leochi.

Beautiful watercolours. Beautiful blues. And sleeves to die for. Why don't men dress like this anymore???

Draco and the Dragon [WS] by Chouette-e on Deviant Art.

Found courtesy of the lovely, [ profile] alaana_fair.

I have a thing for boys and their dragons, what can I say? *G*

This is GORGEOUS!!! *fawns at the pretteh*

Enjoy all!

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Wow, it's been almost two weeks since I last posted. I've been busy with home improvements and festage writing. And this week I've been miserably sick. Thankfully not as sick as last year, but sick nevertheless /0\

I've been watching a lot of television. I'm starting the third season of Bones. I've watched both seasons of Rome. And The Walking Dead started up again. And the obvious shows, of course <3

I actually have a little Eagle ficlet I need to post, too. Just need to make a few corrections. Steampunk AU FTW \0/

I have spidery thanks to give to [ profile] nishi_shinji, [ profile] lolafeist, [ profile] chantefable, [ profile] cassie_black12, [ profile] phoenixacid, [ profile] wincest_drarry, [ profile] nursedarry, [ profile] besamislabios, [ profile] lusiology, [ profile] stellamoon, [ profile] __hibiscus, [ profile] moonflower_rose, [ profile] sra_danvers, [ profile] melusinahp, [ profile] cinnatart and [ profile] literaryspell.

Thank you all so much. I love and adore each and every one of you to pieces ♥ ♥ ♥

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I think I'm back. Found this funny and wanted to share, though. Art recs coming up.

Yeah, I can totally see this.

You're Morgause!
You're Morgause!
Take What character from "Merlin" are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
Family and friends are very important to you and you are fiercely loyal. So much so that you can sometimes be blind to their faults.

You don't suffer fools gladly and can be a bit abrupt with people who annoy you. Sometimes people can find you a little bit intimidating.

Ambitious and intelligent, you have the ability to go far in life.

You have an excellent sense of humour, which tends to be quite dark/sarcastic.

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[Harry Potter]

Cursed Assassins [WS] by Ninjatic on Deviant Art.

Okay, so this isn't technically a Harry/Draco piece. It's not even HP oriented. But dammit, I look at this and see nothing but Harry and Draco. Alaana, dear, I totally thought of you <3

Wrapped Around Me - Harry/Ron [NWS] by [ profile] lizardspots.

R.A.B. - Regulus [WS] by Ilxwing on Deviant Art.

You'll Never Be Alone - Trio [WS] by Viria13 on Deviant Art.

Snape/Draco [NWS] by [ profile] ships_harry.

Consolation - Snape/Draco [WS] by TheYoungDoyler on Deviant Art.

[BBC Sherlock]

Sherlock [WS] by [ profile] venturous1.

Sherlock [WS] by Alicexz on Deviant Art.

John [WS] by Alicexz on Deviant Art.


God's Holy Tax Accountant - Castiel [G] by [ profile] quickreaver.

Wake Up Next to You - Sam/Dean [PG-13] by [ profile] maichan808.


Lensherrbot - Erik [WS] by [ profile] shizuke.

Enjoy all!

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John/Paul (5 pieces) [WS & NWS] by [ profile] fiona_fu.

Four gorgeous postcards and one naughty piece!


Harry/Draco [WS] by Selene231 on Deviant Art.

Victorian-style H/D never ever gets old. Moar, pls.

Naked Kombat - Harry/Draco [NWS] by [ profile] hallowdraconis.


Coincidentally, the 'K' in Kombat has made me think of Harry and Draco as Sub-Zero and Scorpion. *g*

Peter Pan and Wendy - Harry/Draco [WS] by [ profile] star_sailor13.

Peter Pansexual <333

Such a Rogue - Draco [G] by [ profile] __hibiscus.

Hibi has such a unique style. I love her whorls and curlicues. And her boys are always so pretty :D


Silence Has Advantages - Eames/Arthur [PG-13] by [ profile] yjudaes.

Okay, I can't stop flailing over Eames's Escher tattoos ♥

Plushies - Eames/Arthur [WS] by [ profile] menghiskhan.

*snorfles* I love when people create dolls and make them do silly things!


Study of Morgana [NWS] by [ profile] motetus.

A take on Godward's 'Study Of Campaspe.' Absolutely beautiful!


Pin-up Art - Erik/Charles [WS] by [ profile] loobeeinthesky.

Guys, even if the Marvel-verse is not your cuppa, I urge you to check out Lucy's work. Every fandom she touches turns to gold.


Mansinthe - Marilyn Manson/Absinthe [WS] by [ profile] ziggythewalrus.

Okay, I totally went looking for the unlocked versions of some of her Beatles RPS fanart and stumbled upon this.


And two by the very missed [ profile] eldivinomarques.

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire [WS].

I totally ship them. HARD.

Jareth (from Labyrinth) [WS].

Nnnnnggggghhhhh Bowie. *g*

Enjoy all!

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I should have some recs tomorrow. That LJ outage jossed my reading time considerably. Also, there is a new HP community in the works that I'm super excited about. And yes, I still fucking hate Angry Birds :P

Totally ganked from [ profile] faithwood.


This is fucking lolarious. *g*

And OMFG, I have an important announcement to make. Are you all sitting down?



Is the suspense killing you?







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