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* Under normal circumstances, I would've been sorry to see the summer go. But it was unfailingly hot this year, and I do not function well in extreme heat. Autumn is definitely my favourite season, and we do see a bit of everything here in Michigan. I love the smell of burning leaves. I love Halloween. I love the colour changes. And I love the seasonal pumpkin stuffs at Starbucks. I want to jump in a pile of leaves now ♥

* Finally finished season 7 of Supernatural. Am very eager for season 8. You know, it took me at least three damn tries to get into SPN, and I'm glad I persevered. But man, season 1 was tough to get through.

* Had an awesome fandomish get-together Saturday for Avengers frivolity with [ profile] tracy7307, [ profile] valis2, [ profile] venivincere, [ profile] isisanubis, [ profile] kel_reiley, and [ profile] apple_pathways. We had pizza on Avengers' themed plates, and Tracy totes wore a phake arc reactor. Much fun and silliness was had by all ♥

* Am about 1,000 words into my [ profile] tw_fallharvest fest fic. It's really kind of refreshing to do fest fics in other fandoms. I had lots of fun writing for the [ profile] got_exchange and [ profile] mcshep_match in past years. Am still hoping for a pinch hit for [ profile] hd_holidays. Have been thinking a lot about writing in Avengers, too. I have a lot of Tony/Loki feels \0/

* Oh, and I kinda went ahead and did this... TMP's Tumblr. I still have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but there it is.

* I have a shittonne of art recs queued. I need a few more hours in my day :P

How is everyone this evening?

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Musing the first - There are still four days to sign up for [ profile] hd_holidays. I may yet throw in my hat. I have two solid story ideas. For now, I'll waffle a bit longer. Syrup anyone? LOL

Musing the second - The Court of Master Sommeliers - I've decided I'm taking the introductory course in October.

Musing the third - New shows to start watching: Breaking Bad, Generation Kill, and Teen Wolf. I just finished Moonlight (though there were only 16 episodes). And I am due to finish Sanctuary and Vampire Diaries. And OMG, I can't believe I just admitted that publicly, but I found it to be, and I quote, 'addictive cheese.' Also, Damon Salvatore. Anyone have any new teevee suggestions? Looking for new animes to watch, too!

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1.) Is there anything more satisfying than sending an exchange fic off? I think not.

2.) Had a lovely fannish evening with [ profile] tracy7307, [ profile] planejane, [ profile] apple_pathways, [ profile] venivincere, and [ profile] kel_reiley last night. Lots of great food and conversation. We watched Thor, and I fell asleep during Captain America. It was past my bedtime, I tell you. Or, all the liquor might have been to blame.

3.) OMG, I want to sign up for HD Hols this year, but I really shouldn't. I am a menace to all fest mods :(((

4.) Smoochfest has started! Anyone have any recs so far? I have a tonne of Avengers recs and an Eagle fic I've been dying to read for a while now. I'm happy I'll have reading time again once more.

5.) Snow White and the Huntsman today. Also, GoT season finale. Whoot!

Happy Sunday all!

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Still making my way through the holiday fests. I imagine I'll be reading until the next holiday season at the rate I move :P

From [ profile] hd_holidays

[FIC] The Business of Shagging Harry - Harry/Draco, Blaise/Pansy; past canon and non-canon het and slash pairings [NC-17] by [ profile] ginger_veela.

A thousand pardons to the lovely Ms Veela for my failboat memory. I'd thought I'd recced this earlier and hadn't. A firm slap on the wrist is clearly warranted.

For those few of you that haven't read this yet, I urge you to do so. It's a great crossover fic for those not involved in H/D fandom. Meaning, even those with pairing specific preferences will find this an enjoyable read. And hey, it's fun to explore unchartered territory once in a while, yes?

After a fake Pensieve memory of Harry sexxing goes viral, Draco is determined to find a real memory of Harry to liven his sex-entertainment business. I love this Draco, because he has all the business scruples of a Ferengi financier and is unabashed about it. Harry, while seemingly inept, is full of delightful suprises, too. Sexy fun all around, and the dialogue is witty, sharp win

[FIC] In Dreams - Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Harry/OFC, Draco/Blaise and Ron/Hermione [NC-17] by [ profile] moonflower_rose.

I'm not certain I knew what to expect once I'd started this. Every reader will have his/her own interpretation of the dream concept. It's not an Inception-like imagined world, or even a distinction between the conscious and subconscious. Rather, the author suggests that dreams are perhaps signs or portents of things to come.

This is such an engrossing read. I was immediately drawn in, attention rapt throughout. It begins with a terrible accident that claims the lives of Harry's loved ones. Let me just add that the relationship the author gives Harry and Ginny in the beginning is a beautiful and loving one that felt very real to me. Absolutely a testament to the author's writing, because while I abhor Ginny bashing, I'm not usually so taken in by the pairing.

Admittedly, I would have preferred a porn buoy of sorts mid-fic, but I've always touted plot over porn, and this fic has wonderful, glorious plot in spades. One of my favourites from the fest, and from a writer I'm eager to familiarise myself with more in 2012 ♥

Enjoy all!

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Reveals are up, so I can de-anon now \0/ Many thanks to [ profile] annafugazzi for my wonderful fic ♥

Kudos to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for being the first correct guesser. Apparently, I gave myself away with a reference to Snape/Black. *coughs* Pick a pairing and prompt(s), doll :)))

I still have more Hols recs coming up so stay tuned <3

Author: [ profile] themostepotente
Title: The Auror, the Toymaker, His Ego and Their Courtship
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Draco/various others, Harry/OMC, Ginny/Dean, Pansy/Blaise, Astoria/OMC, past Harry/Ginny and Astoria/Draco
Summary: When Draco's toymaking livelihood is threatened by a murderer hell-bent on destroying his life, along comes Potter to save the day.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: Minor original character deaths.
Word Count: 23,000 words
Epilogue Compliant?: EWE
Author's Notes: Written for the lovely, [ profile] rillalicious, for the 2011 [ profile] hd_holidays fest <3

Much love to [ profile] planejane (who totally read out of her fandom for lil ol' me *snuzzes*) for the beta. Many thanks to the mods for their extreme patience and understanding. I adore you ladies like burning ♥ ♥ ♥

The Auror, the Toymaker, His Ego and Their Courtship
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From [ profile] hd_holidays

[FIC] Luck of the Devil - Harry/Draco [NC-17 - 36k] by Mystery Author.

With the introduction of Felix Felicis years ago, I'm rather surprised that nobody's capitalised on the idea of a wizarding casino before. This is why I love fandom and what mostly fuels my reading fires; the creativity.

Draco and Blaise are minor pit bosses at Fortuna, the Lestrange's casino. Here, winning occurs to lure patrons back for greater losses, and attempts at cheating are severely dealt with. The Lestranges are akin to organised crime duo, Ronnie and Reggie Kray, and I found the parallels positively brilliant. To keep his father from harm's way, Draco is forced to endure all manner of torment, but the worst of it does not occur until he's given the unpleasant task of offing a certain someone. *winks*

Lorelei Zabini makes a fabulous appearance, too, as an irresistable enchantress. She really adds a lot of ooomf to this without being too spoilery. Hot, hilarious and unabashedly entertaining, folks. My personal slot reels give it three mega jackpots ♥

[FIC] Riches and Wonders - Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Astoria [NC-17 - 9k] by Mystery Author.

I generally don't go out of my way to find infidelity fics. Sometimes they really suit my mood, other times not. This fic, however, kind of crawled into my lap and refused to un-ass itself like a determined kitty. Cutesy feline references aside, this is a fucking sexy fic. IT HIT AAAAALL MY BUTTONS AND SOME I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD. If you're hesitant to read infidelity as a kink, this really is a great starting point; a slow and sweet immersion sans the hurtfulness of revelation. Lots of lovely, little details in this, too, like Draco's dragonhead doorknocker. And yeah, some knock-the-breath-from-me descriptions of Draco draped in his chair enwreathed in a halo of green cigarette smoke. UNF ♥

[ART] The Tortoise and the Hare - Harry/Draco [PG] by Mystery Artist.

From the lovely, [ profile] faithwood

A Doll's Tale - Harry/Draco [PG - 1.7k]

I had actualfax wet eyes by the time I'd finished this. Faith is a genius, and this is just impossibly adorable. Draco's life as seen through the eyes of his childhood dolly. I whimpered every time poor dolly got shoved in a locked drawer, and I cooed every time Draco took dolly to bed with him for comfort and snuggles. Feelings, I have them ♥

|| H/D Artses ||

King of Hearts [WS] and King of Clubs [WS] both by Schiller1981.

I saw these recced on a few H/D Tumblr sites. And though these aren't technically H/D pieces (and not labelled as such), I fucking wish they were.

King of Hearts. Christ.

Draco Malfoy [WS] by QuiQuaeQuod on Deviant Art.

H/D Art Dump [all WS] by [ profile] 52wk.

Rivals - Harry/Draco [WS] by EonLegend on Deviant Art.

Harry and Draco [WS] by HikaruRain on Deviant Art.

Enjoy all!

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Recs forthcoming.

Last year, no one made any guesses on my fic at the guessing poll.

This year it's looking equally bleak. LOL! I always thought my style was pretty obvious.

Offering up a small ficlet to the first correct guesser that didn't have any prior info.

HINT: It's not in second person future tense :P

[Poll #1808439]

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I'm just going to preface this by saying...

I don't give a flying fuck through a rolling doughnut what fandoms you're in.


Has everyone recovered?

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I will be away for a a few days. My gift fic posted, and I'm DYING to read it, OMG \0/

Huge thanks to [ profile] nenne for my lovely v-gift ♥

From [ profile] hd_holidays

|| FIC ||

Come Now, and Let Me Dream It Truth - Harry/Draco [NC-17 - 13k] by Mystery Author.

One of my favourites from this year's fest. I'm unsure why the author chose to remark on this being a pinch hit, but do NOT let that be a deterrent. This fic boasts a unique plot that resolves beautifully in under 20k. The author's writing style is just gorgeous, and there were so many lovely turns of phrases, I literally lost count. I love when the boys come together to solve a mystery and the chemistry is undeniable. Reach in your pockets, pull out a coin and toss it into the proverbial fountain. All of your fic wishes are sure to come true here ♥

The Cottage with the Purple Door, A Non-Linear Love Story - Harry/Draco, (Draco/Astoria, Harry/Ginny as needed for canon compliancy), Hermione/Ron, implied Teddy/Victoire [Hard R - 10.5k] by Mystery Author.

I dipped a cursory toe in this fic, because I wasn't certain it would be the right temperature for me. The result? A full-body submerging. Apparently, over the years, I've developed a real soft spot for Harry and Draco as devoted and doting fathers, both to their own children and to the other's as well. This is a heartwarming series of non-linear vignettes that eventually lead to generational gatherings at the cottage with the purple door. I loved all of the character interactions, and I am loath to resist the companionable awkwardnesses of Luna to Draco and Greg to Harry. A charming holiday read ♥

|| ART ||

You Belong to Me - Harry/Draco [NWS] by Mystery Artist.

The Nights Were Fine - Harry/Draco [PG-13] by Mystery Artist.

Into You - Harry/Draco [R] by Mystery Artist.

From [ profile] smutty_claus

[ART] The Dragon Tamer - Charlie/Parvati [NWS] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Sweets for the Holiday - Ernie/Hannah [R] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Fan - Draco/Ginny [R] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Getting Into the Spirit of the Season - Bill/Tonks [R] by Mystery Artist.

From [ profile] snapelyholidays

[ART] Black Coffee and a Ginger Snap (Sweet) - Snape/Bill [NC-17] and
Special Interrogation (Sour) - Snape/Kingsley/Moody [NC-17]
by Mystery Artist.

From [ profile] nextgen_mas

[ART] Fifth - Albus Severus/Scorpius [G] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] By My Rules - Teddy/James II [PG] by Mystery Artist.

|| Misc HP Art Recs ||

Say, What's In This Drink? - Harry [G] by [ profile] __hibiscus.

Break Away - Harry, Draco and Lucius [WS] by IceDraco1 on Deviant Art.

Regulus Black [WS] by WhiteElzora on Deviant Art.

Enjoy all!

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The Light of Dawn - Arthur/Merlin [R - NWS] by Mystery Artist.

Blind Submission - Arthur/Percival [PG-13] by Mystery Artist.

Waiting - Arthur/Merlin (ish) [G] by Mystery Artist.

|| Merlin Art ||

I'm Glad You're Here, Merlin - Arthur/Merlin [WS] by Avalonlights on Deviant Art.

I love this artist's style and the sweet sentiment. Hee, Merlin looks a little like Ben Ten!

Arthur and Merlin [WS] by Miletu on Deviant Art.

For the life of me, I can't remember if I've ever recced this or not. A bit stylised, but I really love this!

The Once and Future King - Arthur [WS] by Shauna Fannin on Deviant Art.

UNF is pretty much all I got. Oh, Bradley, if I wasn't such a Colin fangirl...

Butterflies - Arthur/Merlin [WS] by Eppy7 on Deviant Art.


So pretty ♥

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FYI -- The lovely [ profile] faithwood has a list of H/D recs/reccers here!

|| [ profile] hd_holidays ||

[FIC] Humbug (A Christmas Tale) - Harry/Draco. (With implied Draco/other men; implied past Harry/Cho; and brief, future, imagined but not-real Harry/Charlie.) [NC-17 - 30k] by Mystery Author.


A retelling of Dickens' classic 'A Christmas Carol.' As I told the author; I laughed. I cried. I stood and cheered. This fic boasts beautiful characterisations, expert story-telling and scorching hot sex. Draco comes out way ahead as my favourite character in this. He's quite perfectly devil-may-care until he's shown just how skewered his life will become if he continues along the same path. A holiday treasure not to be missed. Also, Snape cameos, and that is always happymaking :))) Also also, wee Teddy and his love of rainbow-coloured ice cream just steals mah heart :)))


[ART] Against the Wall - Harry/Draco [PG-13] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Photo Shoot - Harry/Draco [PG-13] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Behind Closed Doors - Harry/Draco [NC-17] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] I Will Mark Which Must Be Mine - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist.

|| [ profile] hd_fanart ||

Firelit - Harry/Draco [PG] by [ profile] 52wk.

Bad Boy - Harry/Draco [PG-13] by [ profile] ile_o.

Christmas Cookies - Harry/Draco [PG] by [ profile] naadi.

Mistletoe - Harry/Draco [PG] by [ profile] astridfire.

|| Misc HP Art ||

By the Balance - Harry/Draco [R] by [ profile] epithalamium.

Double-Cross - Snape/Pansy [G] by Mystery Artist.

On the Naughty List No Doubt - Snape/Sirius [NWS] by [ profile] akatnamedeaster.

You and Me Always - Bill/Draco/Charlie [NWS] by Mystery Artist.

Oh, You Golden Trio You - Harry/Ron/Hermione [WS] by Comfortably Laura on Deviant Art.

Enjoy all!

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It has begun!

Head Stronger Than Heart - Harry/Draco [PG] by Mystery Artist.

Gorgeous, gorgeous art. Beautiful, beautiful boys. This is how you fucking kick off a holiday fest. *toddler fists of glee*

Oh, and the first story looks awesome. The opening paragraph is brilliant \0/

Enjoy and night all!

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Wow, it's been almost three weeks since I last posted. I am a slacker extraordinare. Holiday Fest season is upon us \0/ [ profile] hd_holidays starts in about 2.5 hours \0/ Boo for DDoS attacks and phishing scams /0\ Please be cautious, people ♥

Still writing but yay for long fics nearing the finish line \0/

As seen on many peoples' journals. Le Shipping Meme. Mega mega bonus points for anyone that guesses 10.

1.) The synth player // the bassist
2.) The crafty Victorian inventor // the twenty-something computer genius
3.) The baby brother // the pretty knight
4.) The entomologist // the Gormogon's assistant
5.) The southpaw bassist // the rhythm guitarist
6.) The haughty captain // the tattooed lieutenant
7.) The prankster motorcyclist // the swotty loner
8.) The boy with two facades // the tyrant's son
9.) The boy who just wanted a sandwich // the boy who loved sweets
10.) The husband killer // the sour-faced screw
11.) The one who tends his flock // the pale-skinned soul-sucker
12.) The tail-coat wearing butter knife wielder // his biggest admirer
13.) The dark Ainur // the betrayer with two names
14.) Pinstripes and trainers // fish sticks and custard
15.) The waitress that moonlights as an actress // the theoretical physicist's sorta girlfriend



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