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It's a Jeep Thing - Derek/Stiles preslash [PG-13 // 2,600 words] by [ profile] riventhorn.

Stiles hasn't really rung any shippy bells for me, but I must admit that I have a real soft spot for the boy and his jeep. And this fic? Is brilliantly voiced in the jeep's POV.

There's just something irrefutably charming about 4,000 pounds of sport utility with all the feels for its owner. Perhaps, even displaying a tinge of jealousy over the sour wolf that sits in the passenger seat beside the one that pats her dash or kneeds her steering wheel.

This is such a wonderful feel-good fic. My face still hurts from smiling so much <33333

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Chaos War - Thor/Loki [Rated Explicit] by [ profile] astolat.

Yeah, I’m late to the party on this one. So late, in fact, that the dip has soured and all the balloons have deflated, and I’m stuck with the last piece of shit cake bathed in candlewax frosting.

But even if just *one* person follows this rec, well then, mission fucking accomplished.
I can’t say enough about Astolat’s writing. I’ve followed Ast through a number of fandoms, and the writing is always top-notch, the storytelling amazing. Always a great deal of thought and care in the planning. All of the voices are spot on, but it's Loki’s characterisation that makes me weep with utter joy. I’m drawing so many hearts around this, in as many shades as I can. All the best Crayola flavours. New to Avengers and Thor/Loki and don’t know where to start? I’m at the fork in the road pointing you here.

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Valar Morghulis - various characters [Genfic, 1,000 words, spoilers through ADWD] by [ profile] workswithwords.

Death comes for us all. It's only a matter of how, when, where, and why.

Ten brilliant vignettes of Death's visitations to various characters. Of course, I begged for a sequel, because I want to know what Death tells everyone. I found this a bit reminiscent of the Three Brothers scene in DH1, which incidentally, was one of the best scenes. I love this fic like burning. I can't even pinpoint favourites. Okay, I lied :P I heart Lyanna's and Robert's POVs the most. But they're all glorious, I promise.

Enjoy all!

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1.) [ profile] reversathon sign-ups have started.

Kickin' it old-school. Reversathon is a multi-pairing HP exchange fest. Sign-ups are hosted on LJ, IJ, and DW.

2.) [ profile] blamebrampton has posted interesting meta on writing character death.

3.) [ profile] oldenuf2nb is posting 100 of her art pieces for the '100 Days of Blogging Challenge.' Lots of beautiful pieces I hadn't seen before! She's on day 19.

4.) SPN ART REC! Pie on the Side - Sam/Castiel [WS] by [ profile] lustmordred.

5.) [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme is live! First prompting post is thirty-one pages long. Wowsers <3

6.) White Collar/Downton Abbey fic rec! The American Guest - Neal Caffrey/Thomas Barrow [NC-17 - 2,000 words] by [ profile] embroiderama.

Many thanks to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for the point in direction ♥

Cora's cousin steals more than just hearts and sharp glances. Nifty and seemless crossover!

7.) HP ART REC! Auror Potter [WS] by Baronsabbath on Deviant Art.

BAMF!Harry kink hit HARD. Smoking kink hit HARDER ♥

8.) COMMUNITY PIMP! [ profile] hp_masterlists, FTW. Looking for a specific fest fic from 2007? Find it here!

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The Sin in Your Grin (and the Shape of Your Mouth) - Sirius/Snape, Remus/Sirius, implied James/Sirius [NC-17] by [ profile] xylodemon.

Christ, I meant to rec this aeons ago. Yup, that’s me, slacker extraordinaire. But look on the bright side. This fic is your piss-warm glass of green-tinted shut the fuck up ala Snape/Black. Happy St Paddy’s Day, kids <3

Okay, so those of you that have had to suffer my Snape/Black love for years know that this is my forever-and-always OTP. And while my allegiances have shifted sides in recent years, I still favour my old bannermen from time to time.

To be brutally honest, most of the reasons I don’t indulge in this pairing anymore are because I have issues with the beautification of it. There are no flowers (unless they’re wilted). There are no candy hearts (unless they’re soured and broken). And there are no ‘I love yous’ (unless they’re preceded by darker words). Too often I see flowery declarations of love that make me hit the back button with speed enough to hurt myself. Two stubborn, damaged men are never going to be able to make a legitimate go of things. Not in 5,000 words. Not in 50,000 words. Not in 500,000 words.

However, in 15,000 words, you will find a gorgeously written depiction of the ugliness that is war and the dysfunctional dynamism that accompanies it. Hey, nobody said life was fair :P

I’ve always loved Julie’s Marauders’ era fics. The voices are impeccable. The interactions are believably canon. And the camaraderie of four unlikely friends is utterly convincing. The opening scene with Sirius and James sharing a smoke leaves me with a stupid grin on my face. There’s just something about her BFF simpatico that resonates strongly with me. And really, all of her fab four interactions have this effect on me. She even writes Peter in a way that makes me sympathise with him much later on some small level. And though my Sirius/Remus mojo may come and go as it well pleases, Julie always manages to attract me all over again, and never in the same way twice.

Of course, there is the Snape/Sirius. Only I could get so wrapped up in a fic I love that I forget the real reason I’m here. Unabashed. Unpretty. Unvarnished. Unutterable. The sex is smoking hot. The wit is sharp. The words are warped. I fucking fall to pieces when Snape/Black is written this way. And I love love love the theme of this story. That Sirius could look back on all his doomed relationships with something akin to fondness is striking to me.

Let me leave you with my favourite exchange from the fic.

"I don't believe that," Sirius said, stubbing his cigarette out on the steps.

"Of course you don't. You always did prefer a pleasant lie to an ugly truth."

Snape reached for the door again, which moved him closer to Sirius, his shadow hiding Sirius' feet and his wrist an inch from Sirius' face, and Sirius suddenly realised, as Snape's robe brushed his shoulder and the moonlight tarnished Snape's hair a deep Ravenclaw blue, that this was the first time he'd been alone with Snape since Snape Apparated out of his flat nearly sixteen years ago.

Sirius looked up at the heavy, listless sky. "You're an ugly truth, Snape."

Enjoy all!

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Belle Epoque - Marcus/Esca, various DA characters, Violet Crawley narration [author given GA (general audiences) rating - 11,000 words] by Songbird.

Many thanks to [ profile] cobweb_diamond for linking to this in her journal. This fic fills my heart with unspeakable joy. One, because it's so beautifully and so subtlely Marcus/Esca. And two, because it's at the core (literally and figuratively) of everything I love about Downton Abbey.

Admittedly, in my hands, I would have reversed Esca and Marcus's roles. Marcus is the Grantham's new chauffeur and Esca plays a distant relative of the Crawleys/Granthams. He's a favourite of Violet's, and she dotes on him in turn, even encourages his amorous inclinations. And yes, this is from her POV wherein her weapons of word and wit dwarf Cupid's bow and arrow justly. Nobody delivers better lines than Violet Crawley, I tell you.

Neatly tucked into the folds of DA canon are Oxford scholar Esca and French Foreign Legionnaire Marcus. Shortly after they first meet, they go butterfly hunting together. BUTTERFLY HUNTING ♥ Their paths cross here and there over the years and a great fondness develops for the other. Aided, of course, by Violet's own memory of a past paramour and what could have been and never was. The tone, the setting, the voices are all wonderfully spot on. There are a few Americanisms, fair warning, but nothing that personally gave me pause long enough. This is a delightful read for fans of one or both fandoms. Just lovingly told and voiced ♥

Enjoy all!

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Blame it on the Rhine - Harry/Pansy, heavily implied Draco/Hermione (even if Harry is embarrassingly naïve about it), plus cameos by Astoria, Viktor, and Luna [NC-17] by [ profile] snegurochka_lee.

Time for a fic rec, yes? It’s been a while. I actually read this fic before Christmas, but I wanted to wait until after the first of the year so that this wouldn’t get lost in the holiday shuffle. Yeah, I know. It’s way past the first of the year. But hey, I never claimed to be a timely gal. Reliable, however? That I can swing. *g*

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Lee’s writing. Pairing-wise, she’s very broad spectrum which I totally dig. There aren’t many writers I’d chance a pairing like Snape/Fleur. Even beg a sequel . But Lee just has a way with alpha females battling alpha males. Which brings me to here.

Much as I love my het OTP, I figure there’s room in my heart for one more. I know a lot of people have issues pairing Harry and Pansy together. There is the whole ‘Let’s hand Potter over to the Dark Lord’ conundrum. We’re all aware of that, really. But I can forgive a certain amount of that selfishness and chalk it up to age. To say nothing of time and circumstance.

In all the years I’ve been reading Lee’s work, this is the first story I’ve seen her use visuals. It’s a fantastic plot enhancement to an already cool plot. Draco and Pansy are gallery owners, and Harry’s been assigned security detail. Only, he’s had a one-off with Pansy in the past, and things didn’t go too spectacularly.

One of the particulars I loved about this fic was the concept of art interpretation. Harry’s somewhat of a philistine, you see, and like a lot of museum/gallery-goers, Harry can’t seem to articulate his feelings. Pansy, of course, has more than a bit of fun with that. This whole dynamic just makes me grin and grin and grin.

I’m sure I don’t have to sell you on the ridiculously hot sex. Or the gloriousness that is the thrill of the chase. Or the perfect sexual banter. It’s all here. And with a wonderfully satisfying ending, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from an equally wonderful storyteller. I really enjoyed this lots. I know you will, too ♥

Enjoy all!

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I am ridiculously behind on everything still. I need to answer fic comments, and I have an awesome Harry/Pansy rec I need to finish writing up. In the meantime, here are some recs <3

1.) [FIC] Sores - Harry/Draco [NC-17] by [ profile] mijeli.

This is the second hate!sex fic I've read in as many days. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this since I read it yesterday morning, either. I know a lot of people don't like or understand the concept of hate!sex, but I honestly believe that this sort of beginning is how anything further would evolve. Harry/Draco has always and will always be a complex measure of fits and starts for me. The scrabble for purchase is usually what hooks me, what reels me in. That first gesture whether gracious or ungracious. I wouldn't have that any other way. This is so much more than a PWP, too. It's strikes like steel against diamonds ♥

2.) [ART] A Week in the Life of a Happy Sub - Harry/Draco [NWS] by Mystery Artist.

Admittedly, I'm not big on Harry submitting to Draco, but this is undeniably brilliant. It brought a huge smile to my face ♥

3.) [ART] Harry/Draco Art Dump [WS] by [ profile] 52wk.

Pure joy. And that last picture? asdfjkl;asdfjkl; ♥

4.) [FIC] Pianos are Made for Falling - Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] by [ profile] fishwrites.

I just started this, but ohWOW. It's beautiful and hurty and honestly, I have no words whatsoever for the degree of awesome. I'm so impressed with the amount of work that went into this. HUUUGE thanks to [ profile] planejane for turning me on to this ♥

5.) [ART] Northern Sky - Arthur/Merlin [PG-13ish for no-bits nudity] by [ profile] itzcoatl.

Arthur as an artist. Merlin as the nude model. So much love for this ♥

6.) [VID] 2cellos - Sulic and Hauser - Smooth Criminal

This is aaaaall [ profile] amanuensis1's fault. I must have watched this at least fifty times between yesterday and today. I have a severe music kink; cellos, violas, violins, Bosendorfer pianos. I can't even deal with how hot these guys are. To say nothing of their playing. And they look like Sam and Dean Winchester ♥

7.) [MUSIC] Abingdon Boys School

For being so hot on anime, I never really cared much about j-rock with the rare exceptions of Gackt and Buck Tick. I adore ABS. Cool tunes, utter adorkableness and a British boarding school look ♥

Enjoy all!

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Obsessive (Compulsive) - Harry/Draco [NC-17] by [ profile] xylodemon.

Apparently, I have mighty powers of persuasion over the phone. Or so I'm told. I do recall bemoaning a lack of H/D from Ms Xylo ala that 2005 time warp. Little did I know my wish would be graciously granted without benefit of a rubdown and a tarnished lamp. Yes Virginia, there actually is a porn Djinn.

See, this is why I'll never be able to quit H/D. Because even when I'm a little burnt out on reading the pairing, I'm really not. That, and I like my H/D served up a number of ways. That is to say that while I love a beautiful well-written romance, I love an old-school still-in-school story that pre-dates 8th year. You know, when Harry and Draco were more about fisticuffs and face stomps over the alternatives.

There's just something about hate!sex that never grows cold to me. Something about only so many eyes that can be blackened or lips that can be bloodied before it gets taken up a notch to a different sort of physicality that words alone can't touch. Yeah, H/D will always have me by the shirtfront I'm happy to report.

Going to leave you with one of my favourite passages from the fic;

Harry should stop this now that he can, now that he's on top, should punch Malfoy's sneering face and slam his knee into Malfoy's bollocks, but Malfoy is holding him tightly at the waist, his hands sweaty where they've slipped past Harry's shirt, and the slow, filthy roll of Malfoy's hips is dangerous, addictive, very close to dragging Harry under.

"Move, Potter." Malfoy's head tips back, his throat smooth and pale as it flutters around a heavy noise. "I'm -- I'm not going to do all the work."

"I'm not -- you can't." Harry's arms start to shake, threatening to buckle, and his fingernails scratch into the floor. "We're not. Doing this."

Enjoy all!

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Still making my way through the holiday fests. I imagine I'll be reading until the next holiday season at the rate I move :P

From [ profile] hd_holidays

[FIC] The Business of Shagging Harry - Harry/Draco, Blaise/Pansy; past canon and non-canon het and slash pairings [NC-17] by [ profile] ginger_veela.

A thousand pardons to the lovely Ms Veela for my failboat memory. I'd thought I'd recced this earlier and hadn't. A firm slap on the wrist is clearly warranted.

For those few of you that haven't read this yet, I urge you to do so. It's a great crossover fic for those not involved in H/D fandom. Meaning, even those with pairing specific preferences will find this an enjoyable read. And hey, it's fun to explore unchartered territory once in a while, yes?

After a fake Pensieve memory of Harry sexxing goes viral, Draco is determined to find a real memory of Harry to liven his sex-entertainment business. I love this Draco, because he has all the business scruples of a Ferengi financier and is unabashed about it. Harry, while seemingly inept, is full of delightful suprises, too. Sexy fun all around, and the dialogue is witty, sharp win

[FIC] In Dreams - Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Harry/OFC, Draco/Blaise and Ron/Hermione [NC-17] by [ profile] moonflower_rose.

I'm not certain I knew what to expect once I'd started this. Every reader will have his/her own interpretation of the dream concept. It's not an Inception-like imagined world, or even a distinction between the conscious and subconscious. Rather, the author suggests that dreams are perhaps signs or portents of things to come.

This is such an engrossing read. I was immediately drawn in, attention rapt throughout. It begins with a terrible accident that claims the lives of Harry's loved ones. Let me just add that the relationship the author gives Harry and Ginny in the beginning is a beautiful and loving one that felt very real to me. Absolutely a testament to the author's writing, because while I abhor Ginny bashing, I'm not usually so taken in by the pairing.

Admittedly, I would have preferred a porn buoy of sorts mid-fic, but I've always touted plot over porn, and this fic has wonderful, glorious plot in spades. One of my favourites from the fest, and from a writer I'm eager to familiarise myself with more in 2012 ♥

Enjoy all!

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I have both fic and art recs coming up. I'm going to shoot for this weekend. Have just been spectacularly lazy. Failboat, I know :((

|| Thing the First ||

Child of Grace - Prince Nuada/Galadriel [PG-13].

The lovely [ profile] lordhellebore wrote me a fascinating Hellboy: TGA/LotR crossover. It could easily be a lost vignette from the Silmarillion. So many intriguing parallels!

|| Thing the Second ||

SANCTUARY! I just starting watching this, and I love it. Nothing shippy insofar, though. Discuss?

|| Thing the Third ||


[ profile] hd_fan_fair’s 2012 H/D Career Fair
is coming this September!

Banner by Heathen.

Rules and Timeline of
[ profile] hd_fan_fair's H/D Career Fair

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From [ profile] hd_holidays

[FIC] Luck of the Devil - Harry/Draco [NC-17 - 36k] by Mystery Author.

With the introduction of Felix Felicis years ago, I'm rather surprised that nobody's capitalised on the idea of a wizarding casino before. This is why I love fandom and what mostly fuels my reading fires; the creativity.

Draco and Blaise are minor pit bosses at Fortuna, the Lestrange's casino. Here, winning occurs to lure patrons back for greater losses, and attempts at cheating are severely dealt with. The Lestranges are akin to organised crime duo, Ronnie and Reggie Kray, and I found the parallels positively brilliant. To keep his father from harm's way, Draco is forced to endure all manner of torment, but the worst of it does not occur until he's given the unpleasant task of offing a certain someone. *winks*

Lorelei Zabini makes a fabulous appearance, too, as an irresistable enchantress. She really adds a lot of ooomf to this without being too spoilery. Hot, hilarious and unabashedly entertaining, folks. My personal slot reels give it three mega jackpots ♥

[FIC] Riches and Wonders - Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Astoria [NC-17 - 9k] by Mystery Author.

I generally don't go out of my way to find infidelity fics. Sometimes they really suit my mood, other times not. This fic, however, kind of crawled into my lap and refused to un-ass itself like a determined kitty. Cutesy feline references aside, this is a fucking sexy fic. IT HIT AAAAALL MY BUTTONS AND SOME I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD. If you're hesitant to read infidelity as a kink, this really is a great starting point; a slow and sweet immersion sans the hurtfulness of revelation. Lots of lovely, little details in this, too, like Draco's dragonhead doorknocker. And yeah, some knock-the-breath-from-me descriptions of Draco draped in his chair enwreathed in a halo of green cigarette smoke. UNF ♥

[ART] The Tortoise and the Hare - Harry/Draco [PG] by Mystery Artist.

From the lovely, [ profile] faithwood

A Doll's Tale - Harry/Draco [PG - 1.7k]

I had actualfax wet eyes by the time I'd finished this. Faith is a genius, and this is just impossibly adorable. Draco's life as seen through the eyes of his childhood dolly. I whimpered every time poor dolly got shoved in a locked drawer, and I cooed every time Draco took dolly to bed with him for comfort and snuggles. Feelings, I have them ♥

|| H/D Artses ||

King of Hearts [WS] and King of Clubs [WS] both by Schiller1981.

I saw these recced on a few H/D Tumblr sites. And though these aren't technically H/D pieces (and not labelled as such), I fucking wish they were.

King of Hearts. Christ.

Draco Malfoy [WS] by QuiQuaeQuod on Deviant Art.

H/D Art Dump [all WS] by [ profile] 52wk.

Rivals - Harry/Draco [WS] by EonLegend on Deviant Art.

Harry and Draco [WS] by HikaruRain on Deviant Art.

Enjoy all!

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Chrononauts - Harry/Draco [R - 39k] by Mystery Author.

There are two areas of science that fascinate me utterly - time travel being the obvious first.

My lovely gifter wrote me a wonderful romp complete with action and adventure, mystery and intrigue, romance and beautifully troubled men. I have a real soft spot for flawed characters with addictions. Draco is also a some time violin player, and my squee for him bowing and fingering cannot be contained.

I was totally digging on the unique examples of temporal magics, and the almost DC-esque Bizarro-type world the author uses to set her stage of characters. Everything is topsy-turvy and must be righted with a race against -- what else -- time? *G*

I adored my fic and couldn't be more pleased. The Epilogue is especially happymaking ♥

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I will be away for a a few days. My gift fic posted, and I'm DYING to read it, OMG \0/

Huge thanks to [ profile] nenne for my lovely v-gift ♥

From [ profile] hd_holidays

|| FIC ||

Come Now, and Let Me Dream It Truth - Harry/Draco [NC-17 - 13k] by Mystery Author.

One of my favourites from this year's fest. I'm unsure why the author chose to remark on this being a pinch hit, but do NOT let that be a deterrent. This fic boasts a unique plot that resolves beautifully in under 20k. The author's writing style is just gorgeous, and there were so many lovely turns of phrases, I literally lost count. I love when the boys come together to solve a mystery and the chemistry is undeniable. Reach in your pockets, pull out a coin and toss it into the proverbial fountain. All of your fic wishes are sure to come true here ♥

The Cottage with the Purple Door, A Non-Linear Love Story - Harry/Draco, (Draco/Astoria, Harry/Ginny as needed for canon compliancy), Hermione/Ron, implied Teddy/Victoire [Hard R - 10.5k] by Mystery Author.

I dipped a cursory toe in this fic, because I wasn't certain it would be the right temperature for me. The result? A full-body submerging. Apparently, over the years, I've developed a real soft spot for Harry and Draco as devoted and doting fathers, both to their own children and to the other's as well. This is a heartwarming series of non-linear vignettes that eventually lead to generational gatherings at the cottage with the purple door. I loved all of the character interactions, and I am loath to resist the companionable awkwardnesses of Luna to Draco and Greg to Harry. A charming holiday read ♥

|| ART ||

You Belong to Me - Harry/Draco [NWS] by Mystery Artist.

The Nights Were Fine - Harry/Draco [PG-13] by Mystery Artist.

Into You - Harry/Draco [R] by Mystery Artist.

From [ profile] smutty_claus

[ART] The Dragon Tamer - Charlie/Parvati [NWS] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Sweets for the Holiday - Ernie/Hannah [R] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Fan - Draco/Ginny [R] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Getting Into the Spirit of the Season - Bill/Tonks [R] by Mystery Artist.

From [ profile] snapelyholidays

[ART] Black Coffee and a Ginger Snap (Sweet) - Snape/Bill [NC-17] and
Special Interrogation (Sour) - Snape/Kingsley/Moody [NC-17]
by Mystery Artist.

From [ profile] nextgen_mas

[ART] Fifth - Albus Severus/Scorpius [G] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] By My Rules - Teddy/James II [PG] by Mystery Artist.

|| Misc HP Art Recs ||

Say, What's In This Drink? - Harry [G] by [ profile] __hibiscus.

Break Away - Harry, Draco and Lucius [WS] by IceDraco1 on Deviant Art.

Regulus Black [WS] by WhiteElzora on Deviant Art.

Enjoy all!

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FYI -- The lovely [ profile] faithwood has a list of H/D recs/reccers here!

|| [ profile] hd_holidays ||

[FIC] Humbug (A Christmas Tale) - Harry/Draco. (With implied Draco/other men; implied past Harry/Cho; and brief, future, imagined but not-real Harry/Charlie.) [NC-17 - 30k] by Mystery Author.


A retelling of Dickens' classic 'A Christmas Carol.' As I told the author; I laughed. I cried. I stood and cheered. This fic boasts beautiful characterisations, expert story-telling and scorching hot sex. Draco comes out way ahead as my favourite character in this. He's quite perfectly devil-may-care until he's shown just how skewered his life will become if he continues along the same path. A holiday treasure not to be missed. Also, Snape cameos, and that is always happymaking :))) Also also, wee Teddy and his love of rainbow-coloured ice cream just steals mah heart :)))


[ART] Against the Wall - Harry/Draco [PG-13] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Photo Shoot - Harry/Draco [PG-13] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] Behind Closed Doors - Harry/Draco [NC-17] by Mystery Artist.

[ART] I Will Mark Which Must Be Mine - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist.

|| [ profile] hd_fanart ||

Firelit - Harry/Draco [PG] by [ profile] 52wk.

Bad Boy - Harry/Draco [PG-13] by [ profile] ile_o.

Christmas Cookies - Harry/Draco [PG] by [ profile] naadi.

Mistletoe - Harry/Draco [PG] by [ profile] astridfire.

|| Misc HP Art ||

By the Balance - Harry/Draco [R] by [ profile] epithalamium.

Double-Cross - Snape/Pansy [G] by Mystery Artist.

On the Naughty List No Doubt - Snape/Sirius [NWS] by [ profile] akatnamedeaster.

You and Me Always - Bill/Draco/Charlie [NWS] by Mystery Artist.

Oh, You Golden Trio You - Harry/Ron/Hermione [WS] by Comfortably Laura on Deviant Art.

Enjoy all!

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[Le Fic]

The Heinous Imp - Harry/Scorpius [NC-17 // 3000+ words] by [ profile] chantefable.

I've long surmised that I have a love/hate relationship with the pairing of Harry/Scorpius. Either I love to hate them together, or I hate to love them together. I'm not certain which category this rec falls under, but I do know that I loved this fic. It's a new spin on an old trope, and one I almost never trip over myself running to. But it just works so well here.

Harry and Scorpius work in tandem to try and contain the power that is Love when it breaks free of the Department of Mysteries. First of all, let me just say that I adore the idea that love is so powerful and sentient that it needs to be contained. Almost a weapon of sorts with a nod back to Lily's using love as a means of protection against Voldemort. There's also this belief that love can be both terrible and wonderful, and a force to be reckoned with either way. Harry and Scorpius make the perfect conduits, too, for love's unquestionable power.

I don't think I'll ever be thoroughly convinced of this pairing, but dammit, I can't argue with inviting indulgence and Chante's strong lyricism!


F-E-E-L - Harry/Scorpius [NWS] by [ profile] savagesnakes.

Brain-meltingly hot and gorgeous <3

Enjoy all!

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Moar recs as promised. AND OMG HOLS STARTS AT MIDNIGHT! *squees*


So late to the party on this, but...

Little Red Courgette - Harry/Draco [PG] by [ profile] blamebrampton. Accompanying art work by the fabulous [ profile] raitala.

Just call Brammers an Iron Chef, because she does things with vegetables you can't even imagine. And she makes it look so easy. I mean, seriously folks, not many writers can pull off sexy legumes. Or delight me with dreadful 80s references. *G*

In 'Little Red Courgette' Draco is busily carving out a niche for himself as the Junior Undersecretary of the Ministry's Department of Standards. When the season's purple courgettes come up a little short, Draco rallies in the name of mini-vegetables and greengrocers everywhere. Jealous foes and opposing forces stop at nothing to squash his plans, but in the light of everything, haven't we all bean there?

This fic is completely silly, and I loved it to pieces. Draco's co-worker Smythe is an absolute riot. And the secreted Padfoot rocks the Quibbler with his caricatures. Best of all, Draco's characterisation is positively spot on, and his humour is impeccable. Truly, he's the peas knees.

Absolutely recommended. BB's a genius and a black belt in pun-fu.

Le Ténébreux - Snape and Lily [R] by [ profile] lesyeuxverts00.

A short, but lovely piece of Snape gen. The imagery is lush.


Untitled - Draco [WS] by [ profile] stellamoon.

Lily/Lorcan/Lysander [NWS] by [ profile] _aurora_sky_.

Pride - Draco [WS] and Sleepyhead - Moony [WS] by [ profile] celestialsoda.

Marauder's Era - Marauders, Snape, Lily, Lucius, Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda [WS] by Iriusabellatrix on Deviant Art.

Spinner's End - Narcissa and Bellatrix [WS] by Umidelmare on Deviant Art.

R.I.P. Marauders - James, Peter. Sirius and Remus [WS] by Gensoukyoku on Deviant Art.

[3 x Harry/Luna!]

Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf - Harry/Luna [NWS] by [ profile] thilia.

As You Witch - Harry/Luna [WS] by [ profile] reallycorking.

Untitled - Harry/Luna [WS] by [ profile] itsbeenvery.


Kiss - Snape/Black [WS] by [ profile] karasu_hime.

Bath Time - Snape/Black [WS] by Umino aka Morskaya on Deviant Art.

Tea Time - Snape and Black [WS] by Lefty Left on Deviant Art.

Closeness - Snape/Black [WS] by Vegetchi on Deviant Art.

Meeting 2bis - Snape and Black and Lupin [WS] by Vizen on Deviant Art.

Enjoy all!

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Two exquisite pieces from Career Fair!

Previous Recs: ONE || TWO || THREE


Blood and Brimstone [NC-17] by Mystery Author.

I can't believe it's been nearly one year since I've read Ginn Hale's 'Wicked Gentlemen.' It was only shortly thereafter that I reengaged my interest in glbt sci-fi/fantasy. There's just so much to behold in the world of original slash fiction.

Many of us were so thrilled with Ginn's world that a slew of ficlets emerged, and lo, the community [ profile] wickedgentlemen came into being. Now, imagine my utter delight when one such mystery writer decided to make this his/her Career Fair entry, delivering a hybrid 42k in length!

Fear not, storygoers. One need not be versed in the Wicked Gentlemen verse to enjoy this story. And although it may help to be familiar with Ginn's universe, it is absolutely not necessary. What you have here is a seamless fusion of crossbred perfection. Honestly, if I didn't know better, I wouldn't know where one world stopped and the other began.

In Blood and Brimstone, Inquisitor Captain Harry Potter has been sent to investigate the allegations that Prodigal Thorfinn Rowle has used to slander Narcissa Malfoy and tarnish the Malfoy name. Curious as to Harry's motives to help, Draco tricks Harry into a mind probing (Occludacles FTW!) and what Draco finds is a bent man of the cloth who likes to fraternise with the damned of Hell's Below. When news of Narcissa's alleged lineage reaches the papers, an alliance is formed between Harry and the Malfoys, and a silent war is waged against the Church. AND THAT'S ALL I’M TELLING!

This is probably one of the best fics I have read in a LONG time. I don't give a flying fuck through a rolling doughnut if you hate Harry/Draco. There is so much more to this than shipping. The writing is exquisite, and the prose is lush like verdant green. And the storytelling? My God, the storytelling is thoroughly entrancing. Then there is Abbot Snape, PERFECTLY plotted as Harry's menacing ex professor. And carefully woven threads of Dumbledore, the Peverell brothers and Voldemort as one of the four demon Lords. Just wowza. I do hope my joy of this is infectious.

Here, let me share one of my favourite passages from the fic.

Harry's blood froze, and he dreaded listening as much as he dreaded missing what might be said.

"There's more than one human comes to me for comfort," Rimmon told him, hand still out for the money.

"Black hair with a blue tint, like raven wings," Malfoy said. "Eyes so green you'd think they were fake."

A bead of sweat trickled under the band of Harry's hat and down the side of his face. His breath seemed as loud as the turbines, powering a heart that was stuttering on the verge of exploding.

Rimmon's hand dropped until his arm hung by his side.

"I know you know him," Malfoy pressed. "I saw you inside his head."

"What's he done?" Rimmon asked. Malfoy's arm stretched out and offered the gold coins, but Harry was touched to note that Rimmon didn't rush to take them now.

"What sort of a man is he?"

Harry almost gave in and prayed. He had a sick feeling that a lot weighed on the answer.

Rimmon broke eye contact and paced closer to the door. "Gentle," he finally said. "Angry. Lonely."

Blood and Brimstone, my bébés, is a fucking Tour De Force. I am a hard bitch to impress. Colour me VERY impressed here.


To Separate From Life [WS] by Mystery Artist.


Enjoy all!

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So, ever since HBP, I've been thinking about Draco's trials with the Vanishing Cabinet. Someone, I think it was [ profile] amanuensis1 mentioned that Draco subtly reminded them of Seth Brundle in The Fly. I approve of this.

Prisoner of Azkaban will always be my favourite book, but HBP was memorable for me, because it was the first movie that actually gave Draco some real screen time. I was tired of seeing him play the part of the fucking buffoon. I'm still really amazed that Tom Felton's so far down in the credits after six movies, too. I mean, I know after the trio and Gambon and Rickman, they credit in alphabetical order, but c'mon, Tom's listed under Warwick Davis! And Draco's a major antagonist. Grrr.

Anyway, I have two lovely HBP recs for you, so I'll waste no further time bitching.

If Wishes Were Fishes - Draco gen [NRG] by [ profile] two_if_by_sea.

If Draco/Vanishing Cabinet is your new OTP, then I strongly recommend this. It's a fifteen-minute (or so) character study that focuses on Draco's strife with his appointed task. It's mostly what I would call gen, but there's a hint of Harry/Draco if that's what you choose to see. Because it's so short a piece, there's really not much more I can say without spoiling the ending. But I love the sub-genre, and I immediately sought more.

Which brings me to;

The Game of Kings - Draco and Harry gen [PG] by [ profile] mercurial_wit.

I think I'd mentioned to [ profile] xylodemon and [ profile] ravenna_c_tan that I was okay with alternating POVs if there were breaks separating the jumps. This is a perfect example of two opposing viewpoints and how they complement the story rather than confuse. Me? I personally enjoyed Draco's POV a wee bit more, but I love how both Harry and Draco are completely unaware of the other's internal conflict. Oddly enough, though, there's a line about Bellatrix and an owl in one of Draco's sections that I have been thinking about all day. Again, this is mostly gen, but I'm all for shippy subtext. REALLY enjoyed this.

[ART] Untitled - Harry/Draco [WS] by [ profile] spacefragments.

Like I ever need an excuse to rec SF's H/D?


I haven't read through a lot of the drabbles yet, but can I just say how cool it was to see some of the old guard writing HP again ♥ *waves to [ profile] gmth and [ profile] marksykins*

Enjoy all! There was a call for Snape/Cormac fic, and I mean to answer it!

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The 'TMP is a Lazy Slug and Should Have Posted These Sooner' Edition.


The Empty House - Harry/Draco [R] by [ profile] hollycomb.

Holly is easily one of my new favourite writers. Not only is she talented, she's full of surprises. I've read everything of hers from Calvin and Hobbs to NHL to Supernatural to Star Trek to HP next-gen. With versatility like this, I think it's safe to say that Holly has more magic in her bag of tricks than Felix the Cat. And now, she's gone and made this gal very happy with Harry/Draco. First time I've seen this pairing from her, but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

In 'The Empty House', Harry escapes the battlefront grievously injured. He barely makes it to a cottage in the woods, but somehow finds the strength to Apparate inside. Alone and convinced he's about to die, Harry chooses the most modest of three rooms for the big sleep. Unbeknownst to Harry, the cottage is a safe-haven for the Malfoys, and he's about to have company.

I'd love to say that this fic is rooted in fantasy; it does have its fairy tale tendencies. But this is really a taut survivalist story. Holly places some ingenious magical wards on the cottage, and their purposes are brilliantly indecipherable until the very end. This is gripping from start to finish, and there are no outside distractions. It's all about the Harry and Draco, bébés. Wow. Just an amazing fic.

His Kiss - Remus/Sirius [PG-13 / fic and art] by [ profile] kaalee / [ profile] kath_ballantyne.

This was my feel-good fic of the day. I generally like my R/S much darker, but this just hit all the right spots. A lovely collab!

Surprise, Mr Potter - Harry/Scorpius, Harry/Scorpius/Teddy [NC-17] by [ profile] tray_la_la.

Looking for some hot, guilt-free porn? Look no further.

I always feel so at peace when my fic itches are scratched. *G*


HD - Harry/Draco [WS] by [ profile] lillithium.

We've Come to the Edge - Snape/Harry [WS] by Mystery Artist.

Veela Revealed - Draco [WS] by Mystery Artist.

A Chance Meeting at the Fires - Harry/Draco [WS] by Mystery Artist.

Rain, Rain Go Away - Harry/Draco [WS] by Mystery Artist.

Sweet Dreams - Harry/Draco [WS] by [ profile] oldenuf2nb.

Two Harry/Draco Pieces [NWS] by [ profile] andreanna.

Four by [ profile] thanfiction.

Sionnach - Seamus [WS] / Nice Catch - Ginny [WS] / Virata - Parvati [WS] / Living the Dream - Colin [WS]

Not quite how I picture Seamus, but wow. Sláinte!

Ginny is too fuckin' hot for words, man.

Ditto Parvati.

And Colin? asdfjkl;asdfjkl

Snape/Hermione and Snape/Harry [WS] by [ profile] perselus.

Broken - Snape/Lupin [NWS] by [ profile] mific.

Enjoy all!

Discussion tomorrow. Star Trek recs Saturday.

Peace out.



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