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If I can manage it this week, I'll have an art recs post dedicated to nothing but Merlin.

|| Eagle of the Ninth ||

What Happened? - Marcus/Esca [PG-13] by Youichi-hime on Deviant Art.

Marcus x Esca [WS] by Cain-the-Smexy on Deviant Art.

You Decide - Marcus/Esca [PG-13] by Misi-chan on Deviant Art.

|| Lord of the Rings ||

Aragorn [WS] by Ponderosa.

Beren and Luthien [WS] by Lleayhe on Deviant Art.

|| Supernatural ||

Jensen Ackles [WS] by [ profile] quickreaver.

Untitled - Sam/Dean [WS] by [ profile] quickreaver.

Untitled - Dean/Castiel [NWS] by [ profile] daggomus_prime.

Untitled - Sam/Castiel [NWS] by [ profile] daggomus_prime.

|| XM:FC ||

And His Maker - Erik/Charles [WS] by [ profile] shizuke.

You Were Told Never to Come Here - Erik/Charles [PG-13] by [ profile] takmarierah.

Enjoy all!

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[Harry Potter]

Cursed Assassins [WS] by Ninjatic on Deviant Art.

Okay, so this isn't technically a Harry/Draco piece. It's not even HP oriented. But dammit, I look at this and see nothing but Harry and Draco. Alaana, dear, I totally thought of you <3

Wrapped Around Me - Harry/Ron [NWS] by [ profile] lizardspots.

R.A.B. - Regulus [WS] by Ilxwing on Deviant Art.

You'll Never Be Alone - Trio [WS] by Viria13 on Deviant Art.

Snape/Draco [NWS] by [ profile] ships_harry.

Consolation - Snape/Draco [WS] by TheYoungDoyler on Deviant Art.

[BBC Sherlock]

Sherlock [WS] by [ profile] venturous1.

Sherlock [WS] by Alicexz on Deviant Art.

John [WS] by Alicexz on Deviant Art.


God's Holy Tax Accountant - Castiel [G] by [ profile] quickreaver.

Wake Up Next to You - Sam/Dean [PG-13] by [ profile] maichan808.


Lensherrbot - Erik [WS] by [ profile] shizuke.

Enjoy all!

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John/Paul (5 pieces) [WS & NWS] by [ profile] fiona_fu.

Four gorgeous postcards and one naughty piece!


Harry/Draco [WS] by Selene231 on Deviant Art.

Victorian-style H/D never ever gets old. Moar, pls.

Naked Kombat - Harry/Draco [NWS] by [ profile] hallowdraconis.


Coincidentally, the 'K' in Kombat has made me think of Harry and Draco as Sub-Zero and Scorpion. *g*

Peter Pan and Wendy - Harry/Draco [WS] by [ profile] star_sailor13.

Peter Pansexual <333

Such a Rogue - Draco [G] by [ profile] __hibiscus.

Hibi has such a unique style. I love her whorls and curlicues. And her boys are always so pretty :D


Silence Has Advantages - Eames/Arthur [PG-13] by [ profile] yjudaes.

Okay, I can't stop flailing over Eames's Escher tattoos ♥

Plushies - Eames/Arthur [WS] by [ profile] menghiskhan.

*snorfles* I love when people create dolls and make them do silly things!


Study of Morgana [NWS] by [ profile] motetus.

A take on Godward's 'Study Of Campaspe.' Absolutely beautiful!


Pin-up Art - Erik/Charles [WS] by [ profile] loobeeinthesky.

Guys, even if the Marvel-verse is not your cuppa, I urge you to check out Lucy's work. Every fandom she touches turns to gold.


Mansinthe - Marilyn Manson/Absinthe [WS] by [ profile] ziggythewalrus.

Okay, I totally went looking for the unlocked versions of some of her Beatles RPS fanart and stumbled upon this.


And two by the very missed [ profile] eldivinomarques.

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire [WS].

I totally ship them. HARD.

Jareth (from Labyrinth) [WS].

Nnnnnggggghhhhh Bowie. *g*

Enjoy all!



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