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The Fifth Annual
Harry/Draco Art Fest

is now

Gravity [PG] by Mystery Artist

Ah, Spiderman kiss inspiration FTW! Also, the notion of Harry being an acrobatic flyboy doesn't hurt. *G*

Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter; Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter Disrobe [PG and PG-13] by Mystery Artist

Regency H/D so much <333 Also, Draco was made for a frock coat and lace at his throat. *swoons*

Bonus rec!

Dudley Demented - Harry, Dementor [PGish] by [ profile] harrysde

Stunning detail, and BAMF!Harry is an absolute weakness of mine ♥

Back to writing.

Enjoy all!

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Snape Gallery [WS] by Joeyv7 on Deviant Art

Wow. Wow, wow, and did I mention WOW? If you are a fan of Snape, even the teeniest sliver, check out this artist. Just... WOW.

The Half-Blood Prince - Snape [WS] by Vervex on Deviant Art

Broody teenaged Snape is always a fave of mine. *G*

Up to No Good! - James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter [WS] by Papier Crane on Deviant Art

Ditto, the Marauders <3

I Didn't Sign Up for This Pants Party - Sirius/Remus [PG] by [ profile] epithalamium

HP/Avengers crossover WIN ♥

Scorpius Malfoy [WS] by [ profile] oldenuf2nb

I have NO idea how I missed this the first time around, but all I have to say is NNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Tonks [WS] and Luna [WS] by Luna Louise on Deviant Art

I love Tonks's ensemble, and Luna's hair is gorgeous <333

Enjoy all!

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Firstly, a bunch from the lovely [ profile] chibitoaster, who is back with a vengeance ♥

Untitled - Snape/Black [PG-13]

With Approval - Snape/Black, Lupin [PG-13]

On the Proper Use of a Blanket - Harry/Draco [PG]

Almost a Kiss - Harry/Draco [PG-13]

Untitled - Harry/Draco [PG]

Untitled - Harry/Draco [PG]

Art Spam - Harry/Draco, Sherlock, and Remus/Sirius [PG - light R] with [ profile] red_rahl

|| From [ profile] hp_fanart_fest ||

Harry and Hedwig [PG] by [ profile] naadi

Naadi's work is always so amazing. Look at all the glorious attention to detail. I love Harry's hair ♥

Duet - Harry/Draco [G] by [ profile] 52wk

Music-kink so much! I always envision Draco as a violinist or a cellist, but I love the idea of him tickling the ivories. Soft, subtle, and poetic. Eeee! And bench sharing FTW ♥

Chance Encounter - Draco/Albus Severus [PG] by [ profile] vividescent

This is pretty much my perfect headcannon. Adore the stuffin' out of Draco in this ♥

|| More HP Artses ||

Heart's Desire - Snape/Lily [PG] by [ profile] acid3

First Kiss - Harry/Draco [G] by [ profile] astridfire

Lucius Malfoy [WS] by Sally Avernier on DA

Draco [WS] by Syrkell on DA

Class - Snape and Draco [WS] by ElenaTria on DA

Draco and Luna [WS] by MeryChess on DA

Enjoy all!

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Ohmigosh, how long has it been since there was a whole fest dedicated to HP fanart? Too long! I've been meaning to do some recs from this for aaages. Time, she gets away with me on occasion.

|| HP Fanart Fest ||

The Boys Who Lived - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist

I love this artist's style so much. All those lovely curlicues ♥

The Magic of a Hand-Kiss - James Sirius/Scorpius [PG] by Mystery Artist

Hand-smewching ftw! I adore the look on Scorpius's faaaaace <3

In the Jungle - Luna/Rolf [PG] by Mystery Artist

So many fabulous styles in this fest. I love all the wild foliage, and that Luna and Rolf are just chillin' in the middle of things :)))

In Battle - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist

BAMFY boys fighting the forces of evil whilst hand-holding. What's not to love?

Tonight You Belong to Me - Snape/McGonagall [G] by Mystery Artist

I adore the roaring twenties theme so much. Minerva makes an excellent flapper. *G*

Someone Who Remembers Me - Harry/Draco [G - warning for character death] by Mystery Artist

All my creys for the boys. This is so heartbreakingly beautiful ♥

At Last, Here You Are - Snape/Sirius [PG-13] by Mystery Artist

My favourite of the fest so far! My Snape/Black feels have just informed me that they are going nowhere. Also, Sirius's arse so fucking much ♥

In the Rain - Harry/Draco [PG] by Mystery Artist

I adore seasonal themes, and kissing in the rain never, ever gets old. So much love for this ♥

Enjoy all!

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I treated myself to a cast iron tea kettle from Teavanna the other day, and I'm steeping some of the Earl Grey [ profile] planejane brought me back. Needless to say, I am done with the shitty, watered down American versions of EG and LG. Ugh :(((

Regarding HD Hols; In the end, I sat on my hands until just after midnight. I really wanted to sign up, but I am shit at deadlines. I'm having feelings of regret, though, so I may try and sign up to pinch. I've been plugging away at something intense, so I'm just going to keep on plugging :)))

I've been using This Proof Absolute by Linnpuzzle for inspiration.

This just totally defines the beauty of H/D for me ♥

Have a fabulous day with [ profile] tracy7307 planned. And there is one more fannish get together with [ profile] planejane tomorrow. I love my girls so much <33333

More recs soonish!

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A gracious and beautiful soul filled my prompt at Smoochfest, and I fucking looooove it ♥ ♥ ♥

Epic Collaboration - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist.

All my creys of joy. All my feelings. Harry plays the violin. Draco sings opera. I am totally in love, I tell you ♥ ♥ ♥

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1.) Avengers: Still shipping everyone hard. I like fandoms where I can multi-ship. Thor/Loki ♥ Thor/Loki ♥ Thor/Loki ♥

2.) Supernatural: I started over from the beginning and have been mainlining Sam and Dean. I'm almost on season 6. There's so much I'd missed. I will always, always be a Dean/Cas shipper, but I'm starting to have A LOT of Sam feels. Also, whoopie cushion!Cas. Action figure!Cas. White Castle eating!Cas. Basically, Cas <3

3.) ASOIAF: I haven't enjoyed season 2 near as much as I did season 1. I did love Sunday's episode like burning, though. My GoT Exchange fic turned out to be more gen than shippy, and I can't say I'm overly disappointed at that. Gen is highly underrated.

4.) HP: Still have one or two stories left in me. I'd like to have the one I'm working on posted before the end of the year. It's an involved plotline. Try as I might, I canNOT leave H/D behind. I love it too fucking much.

5.) Merlin: Sorry to report I had to drop from Paper Legends, but I still have 3,000 or so words of a long story I refuse to give up on. Am looking forward to the new season now that I've been caught up for a while. Colin Morgan is someone else I can't make myself quit.

6.) Sherlock: Finally watched season 2. How is Benedict Cumberbatch for real? I'm hoping some fannish feels kick in. Fannish feels, please kick in y/y?

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Because I adore this fest like burning and because prompting begins soon

Prompting at the [ profile] hd_fan_fair’s 2012 H/D Career Fair
starts June 5!

Banner by Heathen.

Rules and Timeline
of [ profile] hd_fan_fair's H/D Career Fair

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1.) [ profile] reversathon sign-ups have started.

Kickin' it old-school. Reversathon is a multi-pairing HP exchange fest. Sign-ups are hosted on LJ, IJ, and DW.

2.) [ profile] blamebrampton has posted interesting meta on writing character death.

3.) [ profile] oldenuf2nb is posting 100 of her art pieces for the '100 Days of Blogging Challenge.' Lots of beautiful pieces I hadn't seen before! She's on day 19.

4.) SPN ART REC! Pie on the Side - Sam/Castiel [WS] by [ profile] lustmordred.

5.) [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme is live! First prompting post is thirty-one pages long. Wowsers <3

6.) White Collar/Downton Abbey fic rec! The American Guest - Neal Caffrey/Thomas Barrow [NC-17 - 2,000 words] by [ profile] embroiderama.

Many thanks to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for the point in direction ♥

Cora's cousin steals more than just hearts and sharp glances. Nifty and seemless crossover!

7.) HP ART REC! Auror Potter [WS] by Baronsabbath on Deviant Art.

BAMF!Harry kink hit HARD. Smoking kink hit HARDER ♥

8.) COMMUNITY PIMP! [ profile] hp_masterlists, FTW. Looking for a specific fest fic from 2007? Find it here!

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|| Harry/Draco ||

Ash Tree [WS] by Herbst-Regen on Deviant Art

Lush Red Cloak [R] by Mystery Artist

Yin and Yang [WS] by Naschi on Deviant Art

Untitled [WS] by Windy-Kun on Deviant Art

|| Misc Artses ||

Black Is Black - Snape/Sirius [WS] by Vizen on Deviant Art

Fisher and Snakehunter - Snape/Sirius [WS] by MARiKaArt on Deviant Art

The Hallows - Voldemort, Snape, and Harry [WS] by Trojan-Rabbit on Deviant Art

Busted - Snape, Harry, and Ron [WS] by MusicManiac on Deviant Art

Saturnina - Narcissa, Lucius, and Draco [WS] by Mary-Chan on Deviant Art

Snape and Harry [WS] by Sambre-Sambre on Deviant Art

Enjoy all!

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The Sin in Your Grin (and the Shape of Your Mouth) - Sirius/Snape, Remus/Sirius, implied James/Sirius [NC-17] by [ profile] xylodemon.

Christ, I meant to rec this aeons ago. Yup, that’s me, slacker extraordinaire. But look on the bright side. This fic is your piss-warm glass of green-tinted shut the fuck up ala Snape/Black. Happy St Paddy’s Day, kids <3

Okay, so those of you that have had to suffer my Snape/Black love for years know that this is my forever-and-always OTP. And while my allegiances have shifted sides in recent years, I still favour my old bannermen from time to time.

To be brutally honest, most of the reasons I don’t indulge in this pairing anymore are because I have issues with the beautification of it. There are no flowers (unless they’re wilted). There are no candy hearts (unless they’re soured and broken). And there are no ‘I love yous’ (unless they’re preceded by darker words). Too often I see flowery declarations of love that make me hit the back button with speed enough to hurt myself. Two stubborn, damaged men are never going to be able to make a legitimate go of things. Not in 5,000 words. Not in 50,000 words. Not in 500,000 words.

However, in 15,000 words, you will find a gorgeously written depiction of the ugliness that is war and the dysfunctional dynamism that accompanies it. Hey, nobody said life was fair :P

I’ve always loved Julie’s Marauders’ era fics. The voices are impeccable. The interactions are believably canon. And the camaraderie of four unlikely friends is utterly convincing. The opening scene with Sirius and James sharing a smoke leaves me with a stupid grin on my face. There’s just something about her BFF simpatico that resonates strongly with me. And really, all of her fab four interactions have this effect on me. She even writes Peter in a way that makes me sympathise with him much later on some small level. And though my Sirius/Remus mojo may come and go as it well pleases, Julie always manages to attract me all over again, and never in the same way twice.

Of course, there is the Snape/Sirius. Only I could get so wrapped up in a fic I love that I forget the real reason I’m here. Unabashed. Unpretty. Unvarnished. Unutterable. The sex is smoking hot. The wit is sharp. The words are warped. I fucking fall to pieces when Snape/Black is written this way. And I love love love the theme of this story. That Sirius could look back on all his doomed relationships with something akin to fondness is striking to me.

Let me leave you with my favourite exchange from the fic.

"I don't believe that," Sirius said, stubbing his cigarette out on the steps.

"Of course you don't. You always did prefer a pleasant lie to an ugly truth."

Snape reached for the door again, which moved him closer to Sirius, his shadow hiding Sirius' feet and his wrist an inch from Sirius' face, and Sirius suddenly realised, as Snape's robe brushed his shoulder and the moonlight tarnished Snape's hair a deep Ravenclaw blue, that this was the first time he'd been alone with Snape since Snape Apparated out of his flat nearly sixteen years ago.

Sirius looked up at the heavy, listless sky. "You're an ugly truth, Snape."

Enjoy all!

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Blame it on the Rhine - Harry/Pansy, heavily implied Draco/Hermione (even if Harry is embarrassingly naïve about it), plus cameos by Astoria, Viktor, and Luna [NC-17] by [ profile] snegurochka_lee.

Time for a fic rec, yes? It’s been a while. I actually read this fic before Christmas, but I wanted to wait until after the first of the year so that this wouldn’t get lost in the holiday shuffle. Yeah, I know. It’s way past the first of the year. But hey, I never claimed to be a timely gal. Reliable, however? That I can swing. *g*

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Lee’s writing. Pairing-wise, she’s very broad spectrum which I totally dig. There aren’t many writers I’d chance a pairing like Snape/Fleur. Even beg a sequel . But Lee just has a way with alpha females battling alpha males. Which brings me to here.

Much as I love my het OTP, I figure there’s room in my heart for one more. I know a lot of people have issues pairing Harry and Pansy together. There is the whole ‘Let’s hand Potter over to the Dark Lord’ conundrum. We’re all aware of that, really. But I can forgive a certain amount of that selfishness and chalk it up to age. To say nothing of time and circumstance.

In all the years I’ve been reading Lee’s work, this is the first story I’ve seen her use visuals. It’s a fantastic plot enhancement to an already cool plot. Draco and Pansy are gallery owners, and Harry’s been assigned security detail. Only, he’s had a one-off with Pansy in the past, and things didn’t go too spectacularly.

One of the particulars I loved about this fic was the concept of art interpretation. Harry’s somewhat of a philistine, you see, and like a lot of museum/gallery-goers, Harry can’t seem to articulate his feelings. Pansy, of course, has more than a bit of fun with that. This whole dynamic just makes me grin and grin and grin.

I’m sure I don’t have to sell you on the ridiculously hot sex. Or the gloriousness that is the thrill of the chase. Or the perfect sexual banter. It’s all here. And with a wonderfully satisfying ending, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from an equally wonderful storyteller. I really enjoyed this lots. I know you will, too ♥

Enjoy all!



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