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Belle Epoque - Marcus/Esca, various DA characters, Violet Crawley narration [author given GA (general audiences) rating - 11,000 words] by Songbird.

Many thanks to [ profile] cobweb_diamond for linking to this in her journal. This fic fills my heart with unspeakable joy. One, because it's so beautifully and so subtlely Marcus/Esca. And two, because it's at the core (literally and figuratively) of everything I love about Downton Abbey.

Admittedly, in my hands, I would have reversed Esca and Marcus's roles. Marcus is the Grantham's new chauffeur and Esca plays a distant relative of the Crawleys/Granthams. He's a favourite of Violet's, and she dotes on him in turn, even encourages his amorous inclinations. And yes, this is from her POV wherein her weapons of word and wit dwarf Cupid's bow and arrow justly. Nobody delivers better lines than Violet Crawley, I tell you.

Neatly tucked into the folds of DA canon are Oxford scholar Esca and French Foreign Legionnaire Marcus. Shortly after they first meet, they go butterfly hunting together. BUTTERFLY HUNTING ♥ Their paths cross here and there over the years and a great fondness develops for the other. Aided, of course, by Violet's own memory of a past paramour and what could have been and never was. The tone, the setting, the voices are all wonderfully spot on. There are a few Americanisms, fair warning, but nothing that personally gave me pause long enough. This is a delightful read for fans of one or both fandoms. Just lovingly told and voiced ♥

Enjoy all!

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Author: [ profile] themostepotente
Title: Time Machines
Pairing: Marcus/Esca
Summary: It begins with a tear. Or rather, many of them. And a plea.
Rating: R for themes
Warnings: Major character death (sorry!), opium/absinthe addiction, Victorian steampunk AU
Word Count: 600ish words
Author's Notes: Because I have a love of all things Victorian and steampunk and a strange new obsession with tear bottles.

Many thanks to [ profile] planejane for the Brit-pick and beta. Any mistakes thereafter are mine.

Time Machines )
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If I can manage it this week, I'll have an art recs post dedicated to nothing but Merlin.

|| Eagle of the Ninth ||

What Happened? - Marcus/Esca [PG-13] by Youichi-hime on Deviant Art.

Marcus x Esca [WS] by Cain-the-Smexy on Deviant Art.

You Decide - Marcus/Esca [PG-13] by Misi-chan on Deviant Art.

|| Lord of the Rings ||

Aragorn [WS] by Ponderosa.

Beren and Luthien [WS] by Lleayhe on Deviant Art.

|| Supernatural ||

Jensen Ackles [WS] by [ profile] quickreaver.

Untitled - Sam/Dean [WS] by [ profile] quickreaver.

Untitled - Dean/Castiel [NWS] by [ profile] daggomus_prime.

Untitled - Sam/Castiel [NWS] by [ profile] daggomus_prime.

|| XM:FC ||

And His Maker - Erik/Charles [WS] by [ profile] shizuke.

You Were Told Never to Come Here - Erik/Charles [PG-13] by [ profile] takmarierah.

Enjoy all!



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