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Wow. How did I allow ten days to go by without posting? First and foremost, shout-outs to [ profile] carolinelamb, [ profile] chantefable, [ profile] rickey_a, and [ profile] tracy7307 for my pandas. Thanks, ladies ♥

|| Avengers Group ||

Sengoku Avengers - Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Thor, Hulk, Nick Fury, and Hawkeye and Natasha [WS] by Genesischant

|| Steve/Tony + Tony ||

Could Do This All Day [Mature] by [ profile] cluegirl

Untitled [NWS] by [ profile] tripperfunster

Rogers and Stark [WS] by Dsmiler

Tony Stark [WS] by Itabia

Civil War [WS] by Jiuge

Kissyface in the Snow [WS] by Joannaestep

|| Loki/(Thor) ||

Curaçao [WS] by Feyuca

Loki in a Box [WS] by Sayael

Thor and Loki [WS] artist's web page here

Untitled [WS] by Milkydayy

Kneel For Me [WS] by Jiuge

Enjoy all!

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|| Beatles ||

Happy Anniversary - John and Paul [WS] by [ profile] fiona_fu.


|| Avengers ||

Dance - Thor/Loki [PG-13] by Celestialess.

I will never ever get tired of stripper!Loki ♥

|| Teen Wolf ||

Derek/Stiles Art Dump [WS] by Ayaneninja.

Enjoy all!

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The Starks [WS] by MaryMaru on Deviant Art

Jon Snow and Ghost [WS] by Douglasbot on Deviant Art


Four by [ profile] tripperfunster

Steve/Tony [WS]

Steve/Tony [WS]

Steve/Tony [WS]

Steve/Tony [WS]

Thor/Loki [WS] by Fassabendover on Tumblr

Loki [WS] by Anndr on Deviant Art

[.bbc sherlock.]

Sherlock [WS] by LadyT220

Guise, this is made entirely of instant coffee and water. Wot?

Two Ghosts - John/Sherlock [WS] by Oirbmeamu on Deviant Art

John/Sherlock [WS] (Source Unknown)


A Celebratory Drink (and More) - Eames/Arthur [WS] by [ profile] motetus


Angel With a Shotgun - Dean/Castiel [WS] by CrystallizedTwilight on Deviant Art

Destiel - Dean/Castiel [WS] by Hermitic on Deviant Art

Enjoy all!

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1.) Avengers: Still shipping everyone hard. I like fandoms where I can multi-ship. Thor/Loki ♥ Thor/Loki ♥ Thor/Loki ♥

2.) Supernatural: I started over from the beginning and have been mainlining Sam and Dean. I'm almost on season 6. There's so much I'd missed. I will always, always be a Dean/Cas shipper, but I'm starting to have A LOT of Sam feels. Also, whoopie cushion!Cas. Action figure!Cas. White Castle eating!Cas. Basically, Cas <3

3.) ASOIAF: I haven't enjoyed season 2 near as much as I did season 1. I did love Sunday's episode like burning, though. My GoT Exchange fic turned out to be more gen than shippy, and I can't say I'm overly disappointed at that. Gen is highly underrated.

4.) HP: Still have one or two stories left in me. I'd like to have the one I'm working on posted before the end of the year. It's an involved plotline. Try as I might, I canNOT leave H/D behind. I love it too fucking much.

5.) Merlin: Sorry to report I had to drop from Paper Legends, but I still have 3,000 or so words of a long story I refuse to give up on. Am looking forward to the new season now that I've been caught up for a while. Colin Morgan is someone else I can't make myself quit.

6.) Sherlock: Finally watched season 2. How is Benedict Cumberbatch for real? I'm hoping some fannish feels kick in. Fannish feels, please kick in y/y?

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Chaos War - Thor/Loki [Rated Explicit] by [ profile] astolat.

Yeah, I’m late to the party on this one. So late, in fact, that the dip has soured and all the balloons have deflated, and I’m stuck with the last piece of shit cake bathed in candlewax frosting.

But even if just *one* person follows this rec, well then, mission fucking accomplished.
I can’t say enough about Astolat’s writing. I’ve followed Ast through a number of fandoms, and the writing is always top-notch, the storytelling amazing. Always a great deal of thought and care in the planning. All of the voices are spot on, but it's Loki’s characterisation that makes me weep with utter joy. I’m drawing so many hearts around this, in as many shades as I can. All the best Crayola flavours. New to Avengers and Thor/Loki and don’t know where to start? I’m at the fork in the road pointing you here.

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Just going to drop this here. Yeah :)))

Have seen Avengers twice now. So much eye candy. So much eye fucking. So much adoration for Loki ♥

Who else needs all the Thor/Loki in their eyeballs forever and always?

Pic spams. Fic recs. FEELINGS. Art links. MOAR FEELINGS. All the pairings.

Also, need Avengers icons? 400 HERE OMG!

That is all.



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