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* Under normal circumstances, I would've been sorry to see the summer go. But it was unfailingly hot this year, and I do not function well in extreme heat. Autumn is definitely my favourite season, and we do see a bit of everything here in Michigan. I love the smell of burning leaves. I love Halloween. I love the colour changes. And I love the seasonal pumpkin stuffs at Starbucks. I want to jump in a pile of leaves now ♥

* Finally finished season 7 of Supernatural. Am very eager for season 8. You know, it took me at least three damn tries to get into SPN, and I'm glad I persevered. But man, season 1 was tough to get through.

* Had an awesome fandomish get-together Saturday for Avengers frivolity with [ profile] tracy7307, [ profile] valis2, [ profile] venivincere, [ profile] isisanubis, [ profile] kel_reiley, and [ profile] apple_pathways. We had pizza on Avengers' themed plates, and Tracy totes wore a phake arc reactor. Much fun and silliness was had by all ♥

* Am about 1,000 words into my [ profile] tw_fallharvest fest fic. It's really kind of refreshing to do fest fics in other fandoms. I had lots of fun writing for the [ profile] got_exchange and [ profile] mcshep_match in past years. Am still hoping for a pinch hit for [ profile] hd_holidays. Have been thinking a lot about writing in Avengers, too. I have a lot of Tony/Loki feels \0/

* Oh, and I kinda went ahead and did this... TMP's Tumblr. I still have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but there it is.

* I have a shittonne of art recs queued. I need a few more hours in my day :P

How is everyone this evening?

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I treated myself to a cast iron tea kettle from Teavanna the other day, and I'm steeping some of the Earl Grey [ profile] planejane brought me back. Needless to say, I am done with the shitty, watered down American versions of EG and LG. Ugh :(((

Regarding HD Hols; In the end, I sat on my hands until just after midnight. I really wanted to sign up, but I am shit at deadlines. I'm having feelings of regret, though, so I may try and sign up to pinch. I've been plugging away at something intense, so I'm just going to keep on plugging :)))

I've been using This Proof Absolute by Linnpuzzle for inspiration.

This just totally defines the beauty of H/D for me ♥

Have a fabulous day with [ profile] tracy7307 planned. And there is one more fannish get together with [ profile] planejane tomorrow. I love my girls so much <33333

More recs soonish!



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