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The Fifth Annual
Harry/Draco Art Fest

is now

Gravity [PG] by Mystery Artist

Ah, Spiderman kiss inspiration FTW! Also, the notion of Harry being an acrobatic flyboy doesn't hurt. *G*

Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter; Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter Disrobe [PG and PG-13] by Mystery Artist

Regency H/D so much <333 Also, Draco was made for a frock coat and lace at his throat. *swoons*

Bonus rec!

Dudley Demented - Harry, Dementor [PGish] by [ profile] harrysde

Stunning detail, and BAMF!Harry is an absolute weakness of mine ♥

Back to writing.

Enjoy all!

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Ohmigosh, how long has it been since there was a whole fest dedicated to HP fanart? Too long! I've been meaning to do some recs from this for aaages. Time, she gets away with me on occasion.

|| HP Fanart Fest ||

The Boys Who Lived - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist

I love this artist's style so much. All those lovely curlicues ♥

The Magic of a Hand-Kiss - James Sirius/Scorpius [PG] by Mystery Artist

Hand-smewching ftw! I adore the look on Scorpius's faaaaace <3

In the Jungle - Luna/Rolf [PG] by Mystery Artist

So many fabulous styles in this fest. I love all the wild foliage, and that Luna and Rolf are just chillin' in the middle of things :)))

In Battle - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist

BAMFY boys fighting the forces of evil whilst hand-holding. What's not to love?

Tonight You Belong to Me - Snape/McGonagall [G] by Mystery Artist

I adore the roaring twenties theme so much. Minerva makes an excellent flapper. *G*

Someone Who Remembers Me - Harry/Draco [G - warning for character death] by Mystery Artist

All my creys for the boys. This is so heartbreakingly beautiful ♥

At Last, Here You Are - Snape/Sirius [PG-13] by Mystery Artist

My favourite of the fest so far! My Snape/Black feels have just informed me that they are going nowhere. Also, Sirius's arse so fucking much ♥

In the Rain - Harry/Draco [PG] by Mystery Artist

I adore seasonal themes, and kissing in the rain never, ever gets old. So much love for this ♥

Enjoy all!

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Musing the first - There are still four days to sign up for [ profile] hd_holidays. I may yet throw in my hat. I have two solid story ideas. For now, I'll waffle a bit longer. Syrup anyone? LOL

Musing the second - The Court of Master Sommeliers - I've decided I'm taking the introductory course in October.

Musing the third - New shows to start watching: Breaking Bad, Generation Kill, and Teen Wolf. I just finished Moonlight (though there were only 16 episodes). And I am due to finish Sanctuary and Vampire Diaries. And OMG, I can't believe I just admitted that publicly, but I found it to be, and I quote, 'addictive cheese.' Also, Damon Salvatore. Anyone have any new teevee suggestions? Looking for new animes to watch, too!

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Because I adore this fest like burning and because prompting begins soon

Prompting at the [ profile] hd_fan_fair’s 2012 H/D Career Fair
starts June 5!

Banner by Heathen.

Rules and Timeline
of [ profile] hd_fan_fair's H/D Career Fair

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1.) [ profile] reversathon sign-ups have started.

Kickin' it old-school. Reversathon is a multi-pairing HP exchange fest. Sign-ups are hosted on LJ, IJ, and DW.

2.) [ profile] blamebrampton has posted interesting meta on writing character death.

3.) [ profile] oldenuf2nb is posting 100 of her art pieces for the '100 Days of Blogging Challenge.' Lots of beautiful pieces I hadn't seen before! She's on day 19.

4.) SPN ART REC! Pie on the Side - Sam/Castiel [WS] by [ profile] lustmordred.

5.) [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme is live! First prompting post is thirty-one pages long. Wowsers <3

6.) White Collar/Downton Abbey fic rec! The American Guest - Neal Caffrey/Thomas Barrow [NC-17 - 2,000 words] by [ profile] embroiderama.

Many thanks to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for the point in direction ♥

Cora's cousin steals more than just hearts and sharp glances. Nifty and seemless crossover!

7.) HP ART REC! Auror Potter [WS] by Baronsabbath on Deviant Art.

BAMF!Harry kink hit HARD. Smoking kink hit HARDER ♥

8.) COMMUNITY PIMP! [ profile] hp_masterlists, FTW. Looking for a specific fest fic from 2007? Find it here!

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The Grand Tournament Begins Sunday, February 12th!
Four Amazing Teams. 78 Grand Champions.
20 Pieces of Artwork. 58 Stories. 240,000+ Words!

Join [ profile] merlin_games to watch, vote, and support our Champions!

And with a beautiful piece of art to kick off the fest <3

Masquerade Ball - Arthur/Merlin [WS] by Mystery Artist.

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I bought seasons 1-3 of Merlin on DVD for cheapness. I've really been enjoying rewatching the series. I'm midway through season 2. I think I'm enjoying it much more the second go 'round, I have no idea why.

Or maybe I do.

I just signed up for [ profile] paperlegends.

Hold me, I'm frightened.

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I have both fic and art recs coming up. I'm going to shoot for this weekend. Have just been spectacularly lazy. Failboat, I know :((

|| Thing the First ||

Child of Grace - Prince Nuada/Galadriel [PG-13].

The lovely [ profile] lordhellebore wrote me a fascinating Hellboy: TGA/LotR crossover. It could easily be a lost vignette from the Silmarillion. So many intriguing parallels!

|| Thing the Second ||

SANCTUARY! I just starting watching this, and I love it. Nothing shippy insofar, though. Discuss?

|| Thing the Third ||


[ profile] hd_fan_fair’s 2012 H/D Career Fair
is coming this September!

Banner by Heathen.

Rules and Timeline of
[ profile] hd_fan_fair's H/D Career Fair

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I can't believe I let another week slip by without posting. I've been meaning to pimp [ profile] hd_fanart's fest now since the beginning. Per usual, I failed on a multitude of levels. I've been doing pre-winter home improvements :P

I'm going to go through the entries with a fine-tooth comb later, but for now, enjoy some of my favourites!

I guarantee I'll have more H/D fest recs soon. *g*

1.) Triskelion [R - warning for dub-con]

I let loose like Mother Goose with my comment, guise. I made a flaily fool of myself, but OMG, artist-whose-style-I-cannot-recognise... WHO ARE YOU? *dies*

2.) Circus [G]

Harry the Ringmaster and Draco on the flying trapeeze? THIS. IS. GENIUS.

3.) And I Never Drink Wine [R]

I'm not the hugest fan of Harry and Draco as vampires, but this? NNNGGGHHH !!!

4.) Sorely Missed [G]

This is just so gorgeous and atmospheric. Their faaaaaces. Draco's haaaaair.

5.) It All Begins [G]

Multiple panels, and each one is stunning. Harry and Draco are just so perfect I can't even deal.

Enjoy all!



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