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The Fifth Annual
Harry/Draco Art Fest

is now

Gravity [PG] by Mystery Artist

Ah, Spiderman kiss inspiration FTW! Also, the notion of Harry being an acrobatic flyboy doesn't hurt. *G*

Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter; Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter Disrobe [PG and PG-13] by Mystery Artist

Regency H/D so much <333 Also, Draco was made for a frock coat and lace at his throat. *swoons*

Bonus rec!

Dudley Demented - Harry, Dementor [PGish] by [ profile] harrysde

Stunning detail, and BAMF!Harry is an absolute weakness of mine ♥

Back to writing.

Enjoy all!

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All recs are from Tumblr. If any of the artists are incorrectly cited, please let me know <3

|| My TW Art Pick for the Day ||

Calling For the Last Time - Derek/Stiles [Hard R for violence] by Mallius


Peter and Lydia [WS] and Peter and Lydia [WS] both by Balphesian

Scott/Isaac [WS] by Alishatorn

Derek, Be Careful - Derek and Laura [WS] by Superwholfy

My Own Private Sort of Stiles [WS] by Creaturexlll

Bat!Stiles and His Pet Alpha - Derek/Stiles [WS] by NiningHasFeelings

Derek/Stiles [WS] by CuteWolfBoys

Derek/Stiles [WS] by Snufffie

Derek/Stiles [WS] and Little Red Has Pointy Teeth - Derek/Stiles [WS] both by Daunt

Enjoy all!

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Snape Gallery [WS] by Joeyv7 on Deviant Art

Wow. Wow, wow, and did I mention WOW? If you are a fan of Snape, even the teeniest sliver, check out this artist. Just... WOW.

The Half-Blood Prince - Snape [WS] by Vervex on Deviant Art

Broody teenaged Snape is always a fave of mine. *G*

Up to No Good! - James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter [WS] by Papier Crane on Deviant Art

Ditto, the Marauders <3

I Didn't Sign Up for This Pants Party - Sirius/Remus [PG] by [ profile] epithalamium

HP/Avengers crossover WIN ♥

Scorpius Malfoy [WS] by [ profile] oldenuf2nb

I have NO idea how I missed this the first time around, but all I have to say is NNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Tonks [WS] and Luna [WS] by Luna Louise on Deviant Art

I love Tonks's ensemble, and Luna's hair is gorgeous <333

Enjoy all!

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Wow. How did I allow ten days to go by without posting? First and foremost, shout-outs to [ profile] carolinelamb, [ profile] chantefable, [ profile] rickey_a, and [ profile] tracy7307 for my pandas. Thanks, ladies ♥

|| Avengers Group ||

Sengoku Avengers - Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Thor, Hulk, Nick Fury, and Hawkeye and Natasha [WS] by Genesischant

|| Steve/Tony + Tony ||

Could Do This All Day [Mature] by [ profile] cluegirl

Untitled [NWS] by [ profile] tripperfunster

Rogers and Stark [WS] by Dsmiler

Tony Stark [WS] by Itabia

Civil War [WS] by Jiuge

Kissyface in the Snow [WS] by Joannaestep

|| Loki/(Thor) ||

CuraƧao [WS] by Feyuca

Loki in a Box [WS] by Sayael

Thor and Loki [WS] artist's web page here

Untitled [WS] by Milkydayy

Kneel For Me [WS] by Jiuge

Enjoy all!

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Firstly, a bunch from the lovely [ profile] chibitoaster, who is back with a vengeance ♥

Untitled - Snape/Black [PG-13]

With Approval - Snape/Black, Lupin [PG-13]

On the Proper Use of a Blanket - Harry/Draco [PG]

Almost a Kiss - Harry/Draco [PG-13]

Untitled - Harry/Draco [PG]

Untitled - Harry/Draco [PG]

Art Spam - Harry/Draco, Sherlock, and Remus/Sirius [PG - light R] with [ profile] red_rahl

|| From [ profile] hp_fanart_fest ||

Harry and Hedwig [PG] by [ profile] naadi

Naadi's work is always so amazing. Look at all the glorious attention to detail. I love Harry's hair ♥

Duet - Harry/Draco [G] by [ profile] 52wk

Music-kink so much! I always envision Draco as a violinist or a cellist, but I love the idea of him tickling the ivories. Soft, subtle, and poetic. Eeee! And bench sharing FTW ♥

Chance Encounter - Draco/Albus Severus [PG] by [ profile] vividescent

This is pretty much my perfect headcannon. Adore the stuffin' out of Draco in this ♥

|| More HP Artses ||

Heart's Desire - Snape/Lily [PG] by [ profile] acid3

First Kiss - Harry/Draco [G] by [ profile] astridfire

Lucius Malfoy [WS] by Sally Avernier on DA

Draco [WS] by Syrkell on DA

Class - Snape and Draco [WS] by ElenaTria on DA

Draco and Luna [WS] by MeryChess on DA

Enjoy all!

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Still working on a multi-fandom art recs post and some TW season one thinky thoughts. But for now, a poll :)))

[Poll #1861481]

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Ohmigosh, how long has it been since there was a whole fest dedicated to HP fanart? Too long! I've been meaning to do some recs from this for aaages. Time, she gets away with me on occasion.

|| HP Fanart Fest ||

The Boys Who Lived - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist

I love this artist's style so much. All those lovely curlicues ♥

The Magic of a Hand-Kiss - James Sirius/Scorpius [PG] by Mystery Artist

Hand-smewching ftw! I adore the look on Scorpius's faaaaace <3

In the Jungle - Luna/Rolf [PG] by Mystery Artist

So many fabulous styles in this fest. I love all the wild foliage, and that Luna and Rolf are just chillin' in the middle of things :)))

In Battle - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist

BAMFY boys fighting the forces of evil whilst hand-holding. What's not to love?

Tonight You Belong to Me - Snape/McGonagall [G] by Mystery Artist

I adore the roaring twenties theme so much. Minerva makes an excellent flapper. *G*

Someone Who Remembers Me - Harry/Draco [G - warning for character death] by Mystery Artist

All my creys for the boys. This is so heartbreakingly beautiful ♥

At Last, Here You Are - Snape/Sirius [PG-13] by Mystery Artist

My favourite of the fest so far! My Snape/Black feels have just informed me that they are going nowhere. Also, Sirius's arse so fucking much ♥

In the Rain - Harry/Draco [PG] by Mystery Artist

I adore seasonal themes, and kissing in the rain never, ever gets old. So much love for this ♥

Enjoy all!

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|| Beatles ||

Happy Anniversary - John and Paul [WS] by [ profile] fiona_fu.


|| Avengers ||

Dance - Thor/Loki [PG-13] by Celestialess.

I will never ever get tired of stripper!Loki ♥

|| Teen Wolf ||

Derek/Stiles Art Dump [WS] by Ayaneninja.

Enjoy all!

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|| Breaking Bad ||

So, I motored through four seasons of Breaking Bad in two weeks. There is a fifth and final season still.


No fannish/shippy feelings, but OMG I was fucking RIVETED. UTTER genius. HIGHLY recommended.

|| Teen Wolf ||

Kisses - Derek/Stiles and Scott/Jackson [WS] by [ profile] alishatorn

Expect more TW art recs. That is all.

|| Dr Who ||

Blink - Ten [WS] by Asiulus.

Now, I'm going to motor my way through TW. Time for catch up!

Enjoy all!

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I have a few longer posts coming up, one of them very TW oriented. And some art recs, of course.

It is a rare and wonderful thing when Beatles fanart comes my way. Ergo, I bring some :)))

John/Paul x 3 [WS] by [ profile] sea_burial.

Enjoy all!

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I treated myself to a cast iron tea kettle from Teavanna the other day, and I'm steeping some of the Earl Grey [ profile] planejane brought me back. Needless to say, I am done with the shitty, watered down American versions of EG and LG. Ugh :(((

Regarding HD Hols; In the end, I sat on my hands until just after midnight. I really wanted to sign up, but I am shit at deadlines. I'm having feelings of regret, though, so I may try and sign up to pinch. I've been plugging away at something intense, so I'm just going to keep on plugging :)))

I've been using This Proof Absolute by Linnpuzzle for inspiration.

This just totally defines the beauty of H/D for me ♥

Have a fabulous day with [ profile] tracy7307 planned. And there is one more fannish get together with [ profile] planejane tomorrow. I love my girls so much <33333

More recs soonish!

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I probably could have bought myself a small island with all the quarters I wasted mastering every version of Mortal Kombat.

I even have a tattoo of Sub Zero on my back. Also, I ship Raiden/Liu Kang pretty hard ♥ And SZ/Sc ♥

What are your all time favourite video games?

Mine are...

Mortal Kombat
Resident Evil

Scorpion [WS] by Stand Alone Complex on DA

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The Starks [WS] by MaryMaru on Deviant Art

Jon Snow and Ghost [WS] by Douglasbot on Deviant Art


Four by [ profile] tripperfunster

Steve/Tony [WS]

Steve/Tony [WS]

Steve/Tony [WS]

Steve/Tony [WS]

Thor/Loki [WS] by Fassabendover on Tumblr

Loki [WS] by Anndr on Deviant Art

[.bbc sherlock.]

Sherlock [WS] by LadyT220

Guise, this is made entirely of instant coffee and water. Wot?

Two Ghosts - John/Sherlock [WS] by Oirbmeamu on Deviant Art

John/Sherlock [WS] (Source Unknown)


A Celebratory Drink (and More) - Eames/Arthur [WS] by [ profile] motetus


Angel With a Shotgun - Dean/Castiel [WS] by CrystallizedTwilight on Deviant Art

Destiel - Dean/Castiel [WS] by Hermitic on Deviant Art

Enjoy all!

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A gracious and beautiful soul filled my prompt at Smoochfest, and I fucking looooove it ♥ ♥ ♥

Epic Collaboration - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist.

All my creys of joy. All my feelings. Harry plays the violin. Draco sings opera. I am totally in love, I tell you ♥ ♥ ♥

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Been a while. Time to remedy that. *G*

Steampunk (1) - Arthur/Merlin by Lenxen1984 on Deviant Art.


All better now. *G*

Steampunk (2) - Arthur/Merlin [WS] by Lenxen1984.

Elementali - Arthur/Merlin [WS] by Lenxen1984.

Lenxen is definitely one of my favourite Merlin artists. Can you tell?

After Party - Bradley/Colin [WS] by Altocello on Deviant Art.

BFF's - Arthur/Merlin [WS] by Catalyst*of*the*Soul on Deviant Art.

Courage and Magic - Arthur/Merlin [WS] by Fluffy*Fuzzy*Ears on Deviant Art.

Morgana as Queen [WS] by Candice*Nixon on Deviant Art.

Enjoy all!



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