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Ohmigosh, how long has it been since there was a whole fest dedicated to HP fanart? Too long! I've been meaning to do some recs from this for aaages. Time, she gets away with me on occasion.

|| HP Fanart Fest ||

The Boys Who Lived - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist

I love this artist's style so much. All those lovely curlicues ♥

The Magic of a Hand-Kiss - James Sirius/Scorpius [PG] by Mystery Artist

Hand-smewching ftw! I adore the look on Scorpius's faaaaace <3

In the Jungle - Luna/Rolf [PG] by Mystery Artist

So many fabulous styles in this fest. I love all the wild foliage, and that Luna and Rolf are just chillin' in the middle of things :)))

In Battle - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist

BAMFY boys fighting the forces of evil whilst hand-holding. What's not to love?

Tonight You Belong to Me - Snape/McGonagall [G] by Mystery Artist

I adore the roaring twenties theme so much. Minerva makes an excellent flapper. *G*

Someone Who Remembers Me - Harry/Draco [G - warning for character death] by Mystery Artist

All my creys for the boys. This is so heartbreakingly beautiful ♥

At Last, Here You Are - Snape/Sirius [PG-13] by Mystery Artist

My favourite of the fest so far! My Snape/Black feels have just informed me that they are going nowhere. Also, Sirius's arse so fucking much ♥

In the Rain - Harry/Draco [PG] by Mystery Artist

I adore seasonal themes, and kissing in the rain never, ever gets old. So much love for this ♥

Enjoy all!

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|| Beatles ||

Happy Anniversary - John and Paul [WS] by [ profile] fiona_fu.


|| Avengers ||

Dance - Thor/Loki [PG-13] by Celestialess.

I will never ever get tired of stripper!Loki ♥

|| Teen Wolf ||

Derek/Stiles Art Dump [WS] by Ayaneninja.

Enjoy all!

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|| Breaking Bad ||

So, I motored through four seasons of Breaking Bad in two weeks. There is a fifth and final season still.


No fannish/shippy feelings, but OMG I was fucking RIVETED. UTTER genius. HIGHLY recommended.

|| Teen Wolf ||

Kisses - Derek/Stiles and Scott/Jackson [WS] by [ profile] alishatorn

Expect more TW art recs. That is all.

|| Dr Who ||

Blink - Ten [WS] by Asiulus.

Now, I'm going to motor my way through TW. Time for catch up!

Enjoy all!

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I have a few longer posts coming up, one of them very TW oriented. And some art recs, of course.

It is a rare and wonderful thing when Beatles fanart comes my way. Ergo, I bring some :)))

John/Paul x 3 [WS] by [ profile] sea_burial.

Enjoy all!

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Many thanks to [ profile] gmonkey42 for showing me this. I've watched this more times than I care to count, and it never gets old <3

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So, every time I go into Target for *one* thing, I come out with eleventy billion. And most of it is shit I don't need but want. *shakes head*

What I came home with:

Captain America t-shirt
Season 2 of Breaking Bad (Why is this show so fucking awesome?)
Season 1 of Teen Wolf
Toilet paper
Two silverware caddies (Wait, WOT?)
Two boxes of Tazo chai (What I came in for :P)
Beatles coffee mug
Shower curtain rod

Self control 100 Penny 0


Also, I wrote 2,000 words of H/D on Saturday \0/
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I treated myself to a cast iron tea kettle from Teavanna the other day, and I'm steeping some of the Earl Grey [ profile] planejane brought me back. Needless to say, I am done with the shitty, watered down American versions of EG and LG. Ugh :(((

Regarding HD Hols; In the end, I sat on my hands until just after midnight. I really wanted to sign up, but I am shit at deadlines. I'm having feelings of regret, though, so I may try and sign up to pinch. I've been plugging away at something intense, so I'm just going to keep on plugging :)))

I've been using This Proof Absolute by Linnpuzzle for inspiration.

This just totally defines the beauty of H/D for me ♥

Have a fabulous day with [ profile] tracy7307 planned. And there is one more fannish get together with [ profile] planejane tomorrow. I love my girls so much <33333

More recs soonish!

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Musing the first - There are still four days to sign up for [ profile] hd_holidays. I may yet throw in my hat. I have two solid story ideas. For now, I'll waffle a bit longer. Syrup anyone? LOL

Musing the second - The Court of Master Sommeliers - I've decided I'm taking the introductory course in October.

Musing the third - New shows to start watching: Breaking Bad, Generation Kill, and Teen Wolf. I just finished Moonlight (though there were only 16 episodes). And I am due to finish Sanctuary and Vampire Diaries. And OMG, I can't believe I just admitted that publicly, but I found it to be, and I quote, 'addictive cheese.' Also, Damon Salvatore. Anyone have any new teevee suggestions? Looking for new animes to watch, too!

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1.) The [ profile] hd_fanart fest is open for prompts ♥.

You can leave up to two prompts \0/

2.) The [ profile] hd_holidays template post is here ♥.

Sign-ups open Saturday at midnight \0/

3.) Ganked from [ profile] taradiane

50 Shades of Grey Review

This brought me much amusement *G*

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Title: a tithe to the seven in perfect thirds
Author/Artist: [ profile] themostepotente
Pairings/Characters: Cersei/Rhaegar (unrequited), Cersei/Jaime, Cersei/Robert, Cersei/Eddard (imagined), Cersei/Lancel
Rating: NC-17
Words: 3,200 words
Warnings: Incest, language, violence
Prompt: • live and learn / or die and teach by example –– Cersei-centric, mentions of Cersei/Rhaegar, Cersei/Robert, Cersei/Jaime etc. I dunno, something about her life and how she sees it and things of that sort.
A/N: Originally written for the [ profile] got_exchange. Enormous thanks to [ profile] xylodemon for being the rockstar that she is.

.a tithe to the seven in perfect thirds. )
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Hullo, LJ <3

The fic that I wrote for the [ profile] got_exchange was posted today. It's Cersei-centric, and surprisingly enough, my first written foray into this fandom.

a tithe to the seven in perfect thirds [nc-17, 3,200 words]

The fest is not an anonymous one, but the fics are flocked. Access to the community is quick and simple, but I'll be reposting once the fest is over in a few days.

Also, my gift was posted, too!

a worthy son [pg-13, 3,850 words]

It's a lovely Jon Connington and ?? genfic, but I hesitate to mention the other character involved, because it contains a MAJOR ADWD spoiler. Venture over with caution, but do venture if you're current with Martin's books <3

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Yeah, I think I'd bend the knee for Sheldon and swear fealty. And with Tyrion as his Hand? Westeros would be an interesting place. Why is this making me want a wicked crossover?

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I probably could have bought myself a small island with all the quarters I wasted mastering every version of Mortal Kombat.

I even have a tattoo of Sub Zero on my back. Also, I ship Raiden/Liu Kang pretty hard ♥ And SZ/Sc ♥

What are your all time favourite video games?

Mine are...

Mortal Kombat
Resident Evil

Scorpion [WS] by Stand Alone Complex on DA

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The Starks [WS] by MaryMaru on Deviant Art

Jon Snow and Ghost [WS] by Douglasbot on Deviant Art


Four by [ profile] tripperfunster

Steve/Tony [WS]

Steve/Tony [WS]

Steve/Tony [WS]

Steve/Tony [WS]

Thor/Loki [WS] by Fassabendover on Tumblr

Loki [WS] by Anndr on Deviant Art

[.bbc sherlock.]

Sherlock [WS] by LadyT220

Guise, this is made entirely of instant coffee and water. Wot?

Two Ghosts - John/Sherlock [WS] by Oirbmeamu on Deviant Art

John/Sherlock [WS] (Source Unknown)


A Celebratory Drink (and More) - Eames/Arthur [WS] by [ profile] motetus


Angel With a Shotgun - Dean/Castiel [WS] by CrystallizedTwilight on Deviant Art

Destiel - Dean/Castiel [WS] by Hermitic on Deviant Art

Enjoy all!

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Okay, so [ profile] acid3 posted about this cool tumblr she started a while ago. If you're a Snape fan, you'll want to check this out.

Looks Like Snape

I like wastin' time looking at pretty pictures, so tell me...

What are your favourite tumblr sites? Fandomish. Non fandomish. People who drink too much Starbucks tumblr. Pretty boys kissing tumblr. Chicks who ride crotch rockets tumblr. Steampunk tumblr. Anything at all, really. Links, people, I needs 'em.

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A gracious and beautiful soul filled my prompt at Smoochfest, and I fucking looooove it ♥ ♥ ♥

Epic Collaboration - Harry/Draco [G] by Mystery Artist.

All my creys of joy. All my feelings. Harry plays the violin. Draco sings opera. I am totally in love, I tell you ♥ ♥ ♥

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1.) Is there anything more satisfying than sending an exchange fic off? I think not.

2.) Had a lovely fannish evening with [ profile] tracy7307, [ profile] planejane, [ profile] apple_pathways, [ profile] venivincere, and [ profile] kel_reiley last night. Lots of great food and conversation. We watched Thor, and I fell asleep during Captain America. It was past my bedtime, I tell you. Or, all the liquor might have been to blame.

3.) OMG, I want to sign up for HD Hols this year, but I really shouldn't. I am a menace to all fest mods :(((

4.) Smoochfest has started! Anyone have any recs so far? I have a tonne of Avengers recs and an Eagle fic I've been dying to read for a while now. I'm happy I'll have reading time again once more.

5.) Snow White and the Huntsman today. Also, GoT season finale. Whoot!

Happy Sunday all!



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